About My Family


I met Kyle while we were in college.  He was attending The Citadel & I was at Clemson.  He came to visit friends the weekend of the Clemson vs. South Carolina football game.  I had been sick for several weeks (mono, tonsillitis, & strep) so I was staying in after the game.  His friends just so happened to live 2 doors down from me & when his roommate walked by with Kyle right behind him, I remember saying "Hey Jeremy....and who is that?!"  We all hung out the rest of the night & so begins our history together.  We became engaged after 2 years of dating & married almost 2 years later.  He is an engineer working as a project estimator and has many hobbies.  He loves to hunt and fish, can build absolutely anything, & values our time together as a family.  He is my rock, my confidante, and my biggest supporter. I love him big.

Kinsley Anne

Kinsley Anne came into this world on her own terms & has continued doing things her own way since.  She is my feisty fighter & has baffled doctors from the start.  My pregnancy with her was completely uncomplicated until going into preterm labor.  At 35 weeks, Kinsley Anne was born. She went to the NICU, where we learned that she only had ~1/3 of her left lung. After 3 years of constant illness and frequent flier status at all of her doctors' offices & the pediatric hospitals, we also received the diagnosis of a perfectly imperfect heart. She now has 2 stents and is arguably the most energetic & healthy person in the household.  Kinsley Anne has taught me more than I could ever imagine teaching her. She radiates joy and has an infectious personality. I love her to the moon & back...and then some.


Wyatt is my forever baby. No matter how old he gets, he will always be my little boy. Unlike his big sister's firecracker personality, he is a quiet observer.  He may appear oblivious, but he is typically soaking up all of his surroundings.  Once he warms up, he is an adventurous and mischievous hand full who loves fiercely.  His dimples and sweet kisses insure that his mama can never remain upset at him for more than a moment or two.  I love him lots.