Friday, September 12, 2014

Wyatt @ 4 months

  One moment I'm thinking How has it already been 4 months?! Wasn't it yesterday that we brought you home?? Then, I get to thinking How has it only been 4 months since we've known you? It feels so perfect. Like you've been here all along..

Either way, our family has been so blessed by your life.  You were 4 months on 8/30/2014 but I waited until after your 4 month appointment to write this (9/8) so that I would have your stats.

At 4 months, you:

  • Weigh 16# 10oz (69%) 
  • Measured 28" (100%)
  • Your BMI is low because you're super tall!

  • We are still having to battle reflux.  You've been on 1/2 tab daily of Prevacid and eat fortified breast milk (5oz breastmilk + 1tsp of Similac Sensitive).  You have good days and bad days.  We can pretty much count on your spitting up every 15 minutes all day, but luckily it's not massive amounts.  Unfortunately, mommy & daddy have heard you refluxing (long after your done eating) without the spitting up. Sometimes you're OK with it. Sometimes, it obviously hurts. There have also been a couple of times where you have been sitting in your car seat, bouncy seat, etc and you cough...and cough... and turn red...and mama has to jerk you up and pat you on the back.  I think you get choked on the spit up. Scary! I wish there was more that I could do for you!!
    • Update: At your 4 month appt, which happened to be a particularly bad day for your reflux, we decided to move up to a whole tab of Prevacid. Praying for relief for you, sweet buddy.

  • No longer stay on your back long.  You started rolling to your tummy around 3 months & can just roll yourself over & over until you get where you want to go.  I have also been noticing that you "creep" backwards a little.  There have been several occasions where I put you down, run to the kitchen to get a drink or cook supper and come back less than 5 min later & you are a solid foot from where I put you.
    • One of those times, Kinsley was on the couch & kept giggling "he's eating my ipad!" Sure enough, you had gone about a foot forward and gotten the corner of her ipad to gnaw (it's in a rubber case and must have felt good on your gums).
  • Prefer to sleep on your side or tummy.  If you are unswaddled or just in a sleep sack with arms out, you sleep on your tummy.  If you are fully swaddled you are on your back or side.
    • You slept with your arms out for a while, but you started waking yourself up because you'd pluck your paci out.  So, you are fully swaddled at night again. You sleep in a sleep sack with arms out during your naps at school.
  • Have discovered a new "grrr" sound and you like to do that more than anything else.
  • Started laughing a few days before you were 4 months old.  Your first series of belly laughs were at sister while she was repeatedly saying "Hello....I said, Hello!" to you.  Mommy cried because it was like music to my ears.
  • Are teething.  Who knows if you'll get your first tooth in 2 weeks or 2 months+, but you "chew" on everything!  Cold key toys, teething toys, your fingers, my fingers, it doesn't matter!
  • Love bath time! It is very relaxing to you & you love to kick your feet to splash.  You do not mind the water in your face at all.  Sister, not surprisingly, likes to help with your baths...but often puts wet washcloths right on your face, so I'm glad you don't mind!!

  • Went on your first family vacation (aside from the trip to visit family) to San Antonio. You were a very good boy & tolerated all of the extra activity easily.  It was SO hot!!! but we had a great time staying on the Riverwalk, going to Sea World, and learning about the Alamo.

he LOVED the mariachi band playing at dinner.

outside of Sea World. It was 100* all day!

on the riverwalk before dinner one night

  • You met the little man in the mirror & think he's pretty fun to talk to!

  • You absolutely adore your sister. You light up when she talks to you.  You used to look for mama all of the time, but now sister gets most of your attention (which is OK..I'm glad you love her)!

 My doodlebug.  I can't help but smile when I talk to you. I think if every mom of more than one child is honest with themselves, they will admit to worrying, even just a little bit, about "how will I ever love another child as much as your older sibling?"  But I assure you, that my love for both of you has grown tremendously.  I love you and your dimply smile.  I love way you search your sister out in a room & beam when you find her. I love the noises you make when you eat. I love how you grab a hold of my shirt when we cuddle as if to say, "please mama, keep cuddling me. I'm not letting go." I love how you completely knock out asleep on your daddy's chest and are completely at ease with him. I will always love your sister & you very deeply and I hope you never forget that. We cannot wait to see what amazing things your future holds, but for now...just be little, my man.

your mama

"Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said: Never Will I leave you. Never will I forsake you." Hebrews 13: 5

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