Monday, September 15, 2014

Meanwhile, Back at Mama's...

What a story God has written for Kyle, myself, and our two amazing kids.  To many, our life seems like utter chaos & pure craziness.  To us, after spending a lot of time praying & pondering, it seems that the only explanation possible is that our lives are planned by someone much greater than ourselves.

Almost 2 years ago, we wrote this. ...A letter explaining our decision to move to Houston.  We talked about Kyle's career development & my desires to find the career that allowed me to be a nurse practitioner and also care for my family.  We only thought those were the reasons that we came here...

#1: Kinsley Anne.  We can, without a doubt say that she is the primary reason for God leading us to Houston.  Before we moved here, we were living in the revolving doors of doctors' offices....constantly testing & treating something that we didn't even understand.  With the right pediatrician (hi, Dr. Wong!) who ordered a chest XRay on a Saturday because of the same, fairly constant cough/congestion/fever that we had dealt with for 3 years.  Then, the head of cardiology imaging "just happened" to be the radiologist on call that Saturday morning looking at her XRay.  He called Dr. Wong, who then talked to us about the abnormality that he thought he saw on the chest XRay.  Dr. Wong referred us to cardiology.  That next Friday, there "just happened" to be a cancellation for the pediatric cardiology interventionalist, who would later take AMAZING care of Kinsley Anne, Dr. Liou.  Kinsley Anne, as you know, has been diagnosed with congenital heart defects as a result of all of this, and is better than ever thanks to all of your prayers & the incredible care & diligence at Texas Children's Hospital.  Since her procedure, her antibiotic treatments are shorter & have been half as frequent.  We have her 6 month follow up ECHO and appointment at pediatric cardiology on September 22nd & continue to believe that we will get great news.

#2: Family.  When you are less than a mile from family, you tend to take their presence for granted.  I will tell you that we will NEVER do so again.  We are incredibly blessed & fortunate to have Aunt Carol & Uncle Dick in Houston with us.  If not for them, I'm not sure what we would have done!  Aunt Carol & Uncle Dick have been a 3rd set of grandparents to Kinsley Anne and Wyatt.  But they have not only been family to the 4 of us, but the best of friends.  We love joining them for meals, laughing over both our children's antics as well as their sweet dog Alfie's, and just spending quality time with people who get us!  However, we have realized that a huge piece of us is missing & that is the joy of cousins' laughter, the sweet sight of Kinsley Anne romping on family land, and the ability to hop in the car & spend the weekend with Aunt Katy & Uncle Stephen.  

#3: Jen's job.  Jen thought she wanted a part time, clinical NP job at a dedicated children's hospital.  She actually took that very type of job (36 hr, so basically full time though..not part time) and decided that this job, too, was not the best fit for her.  Despite meeting some of her very best friends in Texas at this job, she was still on the search for something that met the desires of her heart & family.  That is when a position opened up doing something she never dreamed of doing.... case management for a medical device that she had worked countless hours with during her time in Pediatric Neurology.  She took that job & has never looked back.  She has said repeatedly that this career is "what she never knew she always wanted."  She gets patient contact (even though not face to face), a rewarding feeling knowing that she is helping patients improve their lives, and just enough flexibility to meet her family's needs.  She is now working from her home office & desires to do nothing else!

#4: Kyle's job. Kyle came down here for career & salary advancement. Although both were accomplished, he has taken on a whole new viewpoint on his desired career trajectory.  Prior to the move, we thought we were committed to making the sacrifices needed for rapid career advancement.  This opportunity has proven his interest in project management but he is more confident in taking a slower pace. Now, he realizes that he will continue to push himself hard & do the very best work that he can do, but is now content with a career that offers him time with family & stability in location.

If you take the time to read back through our post when moving down here, the #1 reason we believe we are here was not even mentioned. #2 was always an important consideration, but allowed us to truly open our eyes wide to the value of a close knit family & community.  We thought #4 was the primary reason for our move & #3 close behind.  Boy, did God rock our worlds on that.  

All in all, just when you think you have life figured out, God shows you that you are not in control.  He showed us that his plans are bigger & better than anything we could ever have imagined and we have really learned to pray diligently & follow His lead.

All this to say, South Carolina - WE ARE COMING HOME!  Kyle has accepted an offer with the company he walked away from 2 years ago.  This time, he is taking a different position in another business line & is excited for the opportunities ahead.  Jen is beyond fortunate to have the most understanding and compassionate boss, who is allowing her to work from her home office in South Carolina.  Kinsley Anne will continue to get the care that she requires, whether here in Texas or back on the east coast (we will figure that out at her appointment). Wyatt is along for the ride & will soon know what farm life is all about!

We will be driving back from Katy, TX to Inman, SC on October 9th and cannot wait to see everyone.

Thank you to our friends & family both here in Texas and there in South Carolina.  You have made this journey amazing.  To have friends/family here that are SO hard to say goodbye to and friends/family waiting for us in South Carolina & the surrounding areas jumping up & down with open arms, there is no doubt - We are most certainly blessed.  Please continue to keep us all in your prayers as we complete this transition and thank you to those who have prayed regularly for us since we started on this journey.

We love yall, 
Jen, Kyle, Kinsley Anne, & Wyatt

...this song has been played repeatedly as we navigated this most recent chapter...

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Proverbs 3: 5-6

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:9

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