Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wyatt @ 3 months

You were 3 months on 7/30/2014.  

At 3 months, you:

  • Weigh ~15#
  • Measured 25.75" @ your 2 month visit, I haven't measured you since. 

  • We have had to play around a little bit with things for your reflux. You are not a projectile vomiter like your sister. However, we can hear your milk come back up & you swallow it and make these awful faces.  In the car the other day (daddy was driving), I almost jerked you out of your seat because you turned bright red and were choking on it. As soon as I lunged back to undo your seatbelt, you stopped. Phew..
    • You are taking 1/2 tab of Prevacid which has helped a good bit with that silent reflux, but obviously it still happens.
    • We are now fortifying the breastmilk in your bottle with 1 tsp of formula.  Basically, because you're a big boy, you were wanting to eat 6-7 oz of breastmilk at a time. However, your little tummy couldn't handle that much volume so you were throwing it up. So, we have decreased back down to 5oz and fortified the breastmilk so that it is more calories.  After a few days, we have really seen improvement with the spit up.
milk drunk.

  • Are really not phased by tummy time at all. You bob your head a little and have really made an effort to "play" with toys in front of you.  You don't stay on your tummy too long now though, because you roll to your back.

  • Like to sleep on your back or side.  

  • Were getting your arms out of every swaddle no matter how tightly we wrapped them, so now, you get your arms out while you sleep! You still like to be in the swaddle because its snug around your trunk, but you like having your arms up by your face...just like when you were in mama's belly.

  • Have found your voice. One of my favorite sounds (along with giggles & heartbeats) is when a baby first finds their voice. I just can't get enough of your "ahh"s and "guhh"s.  

  • Are such a happy boy.  One of your teachers said that some babies cry just to cry. She said that if you're crying, it's because your hungry. They love how easy going you are! And so do we!!!

  • You now have "Mortimer" the moose on your car seat and you are getting good at grabbing his feet, which make noise.  Kinsley thinks it's so funny that you are playing with toys.
  • You "met" your new cousin, Avery Grace, on Face Time.  She was born on 7/24 and is a beautiful little girl! It makes me so happy that you will have a cousin so close in age to grow up with.  I have a feeling people are going to think that the 2 of you are twins!

  • You think that your sister is SO funny. You turn your head quickly any time you hear her making noise (which is often) to see what kind of antics she's up to.  You smile even when she's trying to pick you up, which can't be comfortable.  
    • Side note: Mama ran to put something away in her bedroom one afternoon while you were laying on your blanket in the family room watching Fran the Fan. When I returned (after seriously, no more than 30 seconds), Kinsley had you in her arms waddling across the family room. I think I froze not sure that I was seeing that correctly & said "Kinsley, Kinsley. Careful please, baby. Let's put brother back down so he can play with you." And she did, with my help. And very carefully. But, woah. Mama's heart was nervous about the potential injuries to you! Big Sissy sure does love you!! 

 I could look at you and stare into your eyes forever. The love between a mama & son. People sent me articles, blog posts, and Facebook posts about moms and their little boys. But nobody could prepare me for the love and adoration that would be born between us the moment that your life outside my womb began.  
your mama

"But you, O man of God, flee these things and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, gentleness.1 Timothy 6:11

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