Saturday, July 12, 2014

Wyatt @ 2 months

 You went to the doctor on Monday for your 2 month checkup. You were 2 months on 6/30/14. Since I did an update at 8 weeks, I'll keep this one short.  

At 2 months, you:

  • Weigh 13# 13.9oz (76%)
  • Measure 25.75" (100%)
  • Have a BMI of only 2nd % (14.65) are nice & tall!

  • Take 1/2 tab of Prevacid for your reflux.  It is helping a lot, although I wish it would stop altogether!!
  • Had an ECHO 2 weeks ago, because of sister's special heart.  You got a great report! You have a PFO (patent foramen ovale), which is a small hole between the left & right side of the heart.  However, this is not entirely out of the ordinary at your age.  If you keep growing well & do not have any other problems, we do not have to repeat your ECHO or see cardiology. Praise God!!

Big sis wanted to see brother get his ECHO. She kept telling him that he was OK & it would be "all done" soon. 

  • You have great head control & do not mind tummy time at all.  Although it is not tummy time long anymore, because you roll over to your back! Started that right at 8 weeks.
  • You can roll from back to side. I learned that because one afternoon when you were 8 weeks old, I put you in the pack & play to nap.  I, of course, laid you down on your back like I always do. ~5 minutes later, I came to check to see if you had fallen asleep and you were on your right side, happily sleeping.  I guess you're a side sleeper now! (unless you're swaddled...then it's on your back!)
  • Are a very content baby. Everyone comments on that.  You are easily pleased & show off your smiles and dimples frequently.  
  • You LOVE the fan & smile and "talk" to it often.  We called it "Fred the fan" with Kinsley, because she too, was amused by all fans.  I tried to explain to Kinsley why we refer to the fans in our house as Fred. She thought that was "verrrrry silly."
  • You coo & talk a bunch and mama pretty much melts every time. I just think baby sounds, along with any type of laughter and all heartbeats, are three of the most precious sounds in the world.

 My precious boy or "doodlebug" as I have lovingly been referring to you as... You have changed so much in the last 2 months.  Daddy & I agree that you have my chin, but most of the rest of you looks more like him.  You certainly get your height from either Memaw's or Nonie's side of the family [or both]!  Every day we notice something new or different about you & I am trying to freeze those moments in my head so that I'll never forget them. I can't figure out how to pause time, but believe me when I say if I could, I absolutely would.  I can't get enough of your sweet snuggles. Your coos, smiles, and happy attitude let me know that we must be doing something right! Your dimples are going to get you in trouble one day, Mr.  For now, they are just downright adorable, and I am really enjoying them!  We love you wider than the sky!
your mama

"Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity." 1 Timothy 4:12

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kinsley Anne - big sister & big 'ole update! {with lots of pics}

Kinsley Anne,
 It has been a crazy few months, my girl!  But you are such a trooper. Let's see, in the past 6-7 months, in no particular order, you have: 

  • Been diagnosed with congenital heart defects (a perfectly imperfect heart, as we like to call it)
    • For those who like to read & research, she has a severely hypoplastic left pulmonary artery & an absent inferior vena cava....both very rare.
    • Having a hypoplastic...aka small...left pulmonary artery (what carries deoxygenated blood from her heart to her L lung...which is also hypoplastic) is what they think has caused our sweet girl to stay so sick.  If you are not getting enough blood to one of your lungs well, how in the world can it be healthy tissue?!
    • Not having an inferior vena cava creates no problems for her circulation-wise (because her body was designed by God in an incredibly amazing way that allows it to create other ways [collateral circulation] to do things).  However, it did create challenges for her pediatric interventional cardiologist in the cath lab.

  • Had your special heart fixed via balloon angioplasty during a heart catheterization that took 8 long hours. Mama & daddy couldn't wait to see you, hold you, and love on you from the moment they took you back.

  • Had cardiology follow up after your procedure & your heart is looking much better!  Your left pulmonary artery was ~3mm before the procedure and was ~5mm at follow up.  This doesn't sound like a big deal, but that's almost DOUBLE the blood flow! Your next follow up is in October & is a very big deal to mama and daddy because it should tell us if you may need more cath procedures in your future. The questions right now are:
    • is 5mm as big as it's going to get on its own without another intervention [cath lab] to allow it to continue to get bigger?
    • will it continue to grow and be, say, 6mm in October? In that case we would just continue to let it grow slowly on its own & monitor her once in a while with ECHO.
    • will it start to shrink again with time, requiring frequent interventions to maintain it's increased size?

  • Turned 3.5!
  • Had a mama on bed rest. You had to learn what it was like, unfortunately, for mama not to be able to hold/carry you. Mama did not like this at all! However, your independence has been astounding.
  • On that note, you like to pick out your school clothes at night, put them on, sleep in them, and come downstairs in the morning completely ready without mama's help. You go potty, brush your teeth, pick out your own shoes, and let me know what you want to eat all with very little assistance.
  • Changed schools so that you could be closer to home since mommy now works at home...which in turn means shorter hours for you!
  • Had your house put on the market & we had to pretty much stay out of the house from 8a-8p for 1 straight week while it was on the market...good thing it sold really quickly!

  • Had several visits from family because of labor that took several weeks to result in a birth! You LOVE all of your family & this made you a very happy girl.
dying Easter eggs with Nonie
  • Moved to a new home....which happened all in 1 day while you were at school.  You didn't quite understand that ALL of your belongings were coming with us, so you were a little upset when we would talk about our "new house."
moving out of the old house....

...and into a new home.
  • Had a baby brother born the day after moving into our new house.
  • Immediately fell in love with being a "big sis" or "big sissy." You refer to yourself as both. And you insist that when Wyatt starts to cry, it is because he is always wanting his big sis.

  • Pride yourself on being able to make brother smile HUGE.

  • Got to spend A LOT of days "playing hookie" from school while mommy was on maternity leave. Mama felt like she needed to make up for lost time when she was on bed rest, so we stayed on the move!
  • Went to DE for a surprise 60th birthday for Mema. It was SO much fun spending time with family & you got to show off baby brother to them. You loved every moment.

one of my favorite pictures, despite your crazy face.
Nanny, GG, GGPop, Mema, Gpop, Aunt Katy, Uncle Stephen, Mama, Daddy, Wyatt, and you!

  • We went to SC to celebrate the upcoming marriage (they are now married) of Kyle's youngest brother. Again, you were BEYOND thrilled to see your family.
these girls are 1 year apart and live hundreds of miles from each other.
But they just click when they get back together. And by click, it's more like a giggle/squeal.

Kinsley holding her youngest girl cousin!! She is PRECIOUS.
We will soon be adding another baby girl to the mix & we all are ecstatic!

Kade is 12 days older than Kinsley. And Jorja is 1 year older than both of them.

poor Kade.
He is probably thinking, "these dang girls. Always squealing. Eeek, bring me some dirt & trucks."
He'll be so happy when Wyatt is big enough to play!!

  • Have gone to the pool several times & you're much more comfortable around water this year.

  • Went to the Blue Bell Creamery with Wyatt, mommy, Miss Amanda, Elle, & Emma.

  • Showed brother "your zoo" for the first time.

I'd say you've had a BIG half of a year!! I think we are all hoping for a less eventful couple of months coming up.  However, one thing you will learn quickly as you grow is that your mama & daddy don't do calm very well. There is always some project, some goal, some something that we are working toward.  Change will always be a part of life & I'd say you have learned how to adapt to it pretty darn well already!

Kinsley Anne,  
  I really think you have one of the biggest firecracker personalities that I have ever seen in a little girl & I have no doubt that it is going to take you big places. Your daddy & I have had to do a lot of research lately on how to "manage" and parent strong personalities, like yours.  You are so independent, so strong willed, and so lively.  You can negotiate yourself out of anything. You can make us agree to things without us knowing what we're agreeing to.  We LOVE that about you. That's what makes you you. But it sometimes makes our job tough, because while nurturing those qualities of yours, we also have to make sure that you are using your manners, respecting the people around you, and following any necessary rules that have been set forth.  You are a beautiful, smart, and courageous little girl.  I am incredibly PROUD to be your mom. You have been through more in your 3.5 years than many people go through in their entire life.  I am having a hard time wrapping my mama head around the fact that you will be 4 this fall. Where did those years go? Can I have some of that time back......PLEASE???? 

I love you baby girl. Always & Forever. To the moon & back..and then some.

your mama

"For you created my inmost being;  you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;   your works are wonderful,    I know that full well."  Psalm 139: 13-14