Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wyatt @ 1 month

Wyatt was 1 month old on May 30.

Wyatt, here is what you are up to at 1 month:

-You are wearing size 1 diapers, but I can tell it won't be long before we move you up again because your legs have little red marks on them.

-You are wearing size 0-3 month clothes with an occasional 3-6 month thrown in there if it runs small.

-You haven't been weighed since your 2 week check, but you've got to be close to 12lbs (just mama's instict!)

-You are exclusively on breastmilk.  We tried supplementing with formula at night, but it was wreaking havoc on your poor tummy, so that had to be stopped.  You take ~4-5 oz every 2 hours during the day (you can't keep your manly figure while skipping meals)!

-Speaking of your tummy, I had noticed even before your 2 week checkup that I thought you were silently refluxing.... meaning that your milk comes back up & I hear you swallow it.  You haven't been much of a vomiter like big sis and it didn't seem to be bothering you so I didn't really want to do anything about it.  However, when you were about 3 weeks old, I started noticing that you were crying more & seemed uncomfortable.  At 4 weeks, you were having moments where you were simply inconsolable because of pain. That's when I decided that as soon as we got back in town, I'd take you to the pediatrician (we were on a massive road trip to DE & SC).  

-You've also had a battle with gas pain & we started you on Simethicone drops.

-You sleep in the pack 'n' play next to our bed at night.  You still usually take your last bottle around 10-1030pm, we change you, swaddle you, & love on you before putting you down.  You wake up  ~3am then you wake up ~645-7am for the day.  You start eating every 2+ hours again after that.

-We still swaddle you at nighttime but the Summer SwaddleMe small/mediums are getting a little snug.  I am actually also a fan of the Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle & the Aden & Anais Easy Swaddle, so I'm not sure what I'll get for your next bunch.

-Big Sister still absolutely adores you & luckily has never asked me to make you "go back!" She can frequently be heard saying "he wants his big sissy, doesn't he?" She loves giving you your paci, picking out your diapers, and holding you (for brief periods only! ha). She tries to read you books which I am certain that you love.

-You are such a sweet boy but I really want to make you more comfortable. It breaks this mama's heart to see you in pain.

-You seem to be trying to focus on mama's face a little more but you frequently go cross-eyed while trying.  At 4 weeks exactly, you cracked some smiles at me while awake for the first time!!

-You like to hold onto something, frequently "puppy."

-You still love your bath & don't cry anymore when you take you out of the water.  Sister was trying to help with one of your baths & picked up the wash cloth that I lay on you to help keep you warm (and so that I don't get sprayed) & put it right over your face by accident, so you got a face full of water. Whoops! You didn't even wince...just blinked a few times. Life is never dull when big sister's helping!!

-You got to meet a lot of family for the first time.  We went to Mema & GPop's house in Delaware where you got to meet Aunt Katy, Uncle Stephen, Nanny, GGMa, GGPa, Great Aunt Lori, and TONS of family & friends at Mema's surprise 60th birthday party. 

Family picture before Mom's surprise party.
She thought we were going to dinner to celebrate Katy's birthday.

Mema with her grandbabies

Aunt Katy with her biggest fan KA & her newest nephew

GGMa & GGPa with their great grandchildren

Family pic of the 4 of us!

-Our next stop was in South Carolina at Nonie & Poppy's house where you got to meet Aunt Ash, Uncle Rhino, Uncle Clay & Soon-to-be Aunt Tory, Nene, Papa, Myma, and TONS of your great aunts/uncles & cousins at a BBQ celebrating Uncle Clay's upcoming wedding.

We had just arrived in SC after 18 hours in the car from TX. It felt so good to stretch our legs!

Wyatt with the next oldest cousin, Kennedy Reese (7 months)

I apologize, but I was an idiot and didn't take any pictures on our trip to SC. Hopefully I can get some from other people's phones/cameras!

  You are an incredibly good boy.  We traveled 42 hours in the past few days & you have done it like a champ! Every time I look at you, I am reminded of how great our God is. We prayed about having another baby, we prayed for you when we found out that you were growing inside of me, we prayed for you when we found out daddy was going to have a hunting buddy, we prayed for you when we thought you were coming early, we prayed for you when we knew you were going to make your appearance, and we've prayed for you since the day you were born.  I just want you to know that I am SURE God has great plans for you & I can't wait to see where this amazing life takes you.  Just know that with God first & family beside you, anything is possible. 

We love you wider than the sky, 
 Mama & Daddy

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