Wednesday, June 25, 2014

James Wyatt @ 8 weeks....

Mr. Wyatt is 8 weeks old today.
Wyatt, here is what you have been doing this month:

-You are wearing size 2 diapers and 3 month clothing. (Although some of your 0-3 month stuff is getting snug & the 6 month stuff is starting to fit!)

-You got weighed yesterday at an appointment (more on that later) & weighed 6.14kg (13.5 lbs!)

-You are fed exclusively breastmilk, but are pretty much exclusively bottle fed.

-You sleep in the pack 'n' play right next to mommy's side of the bed. Since between 4-6 weeks, you started sleeping from 930-10pm until 430-530am.  You eat, then go back to sleep until between 7-730am.  That is when I get you up for the day.

-Your nighttime routine is that you sometimes are awake, sometimes napping.  I move you into our room onto our bed & change your diaper and undress you to get you nice & awake to eat.  You eat your bottle, typically ~5oz.  I swaddle you & you and mommy "talk" to each other, you usually flash smiles at us, and mama/daddy tell you goodnight, give you kisses, and lay you down in bed drowsy, but awake.  You typically make grunty noises for anywhere from 5-30 minutes.

-You LOVE baths.  I mean, you are one of the most content babies anyway, but you are just so quiet and wide eyed the entire time that I am washing you or you are soaking in your little tub.  This is what we're using this time & I LOVE it and recommend it.

Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Calming Vibrations Tub

-You are much more alert. And you are trying your best to track movement although your eyes still cross a little when you're trying too hard.

-You are smiling at mommy a lot & finally gave daddy smiles this week, too. You have a huge dimple in your right cheek & it's pretty much the cutest thing ever. 

-You are trying so hard to find your voice. I forgot how incredibly adorable baby coos were until recently. I can't wait to hear that sweet voice regularly!

-You are SUCH a good baby.  We got you on Prevacid when you were ~5 weeks old because you were dealing with bad silent reflux.  Within 24 hours, you were back to your super happy self.  Over the last week or so, you have started crying a little bit more after eating, so we will talk to the doctor at your next visit about whether your dose needs to be adjusted (since you're growing like a weed!!!!).

the heartbreaking picture of him the day I took him to the doctor for his reflux. He cried for HOURS that day.

24 hours later. This is what he did on & off ALL day because he was finally comfortable.

-You have the softest hair!!! It is light brown at the moment and straight as far as we can tell. However, with this Houston humidity it sometimes acts like it wants to curl. We'll see.  You have a thicker patch of hair on the top middle strip of your head, like a mohawk.  Daddy can't wait until the rest of your hair comes in thick so that I'm no longer tempted to spike that mohawk up!

-You started school on June 16. You are so easy going, so that made mommy worry less and the teachers agree that you are super sweet. Kinsley Anne was really tense about your first day & made sure to tell the school director & your teachers that you were "a little nervous."  They assured you that they would go get big sister from her class if you got too nervous.  
{Between you & I, we all know it was just sissy being protective & that she was the one who was nervous!} 

-Your "teachers" at school say that you LOVE to nap in the swing. However, they are working on getting you to take more naps in your crib.

-You have found the fans in all of the room. It is so fun to watch you discover them when we move from room to room. You lock your eyes onto them & just seem amazed.

-You are a super strong & have great head control (for your age).  At sister's gymnastics last week, nobody could believe that you were only 7 weeks old, because you were sitting up on my lap without me holding your head. You even sat in the bumbo for ~10 minutes this past weekend and were very pleased with yourself...until it made you tired!

-Speaking of gymnastics, you got to jump on your first trampoline with one of Kinsley Anne's gymnastics coaches. She thought this was pretty much the funniest thing ever to see brother doing gymnastics.

-You had your first cold this past month but took it like a champ.  It really didn't make you grumpy, you just spit up a little more than normal because of the congestion.  Mommy used saline swabs (best invention ever) and a bulb syringe a few times/day and you were better within 3-4 days.

-We visited our neighborhood pool this past weekend for the 2nd time, but you actually got into the pool for the first time. You seemed to really like it. I laid you on your back for a little while and played games with you from my days of teaching "Mommy & Me" swim lessons at the YMCA.  After your little swim, you fell asleep under your sun shade.

-Avery girl loves you.  Bowen really has no interest one way or the other, but Avery looks for you every time she's inside.  She usually will lay down next to your bouncy seat unless she's off playing with sister, who keeps her very busy playing dress up.

-You went to the Houston zoo for the first time & Kinsley Anne loved showing off "her zoo" and all of the animals.  It was SUPER hot so you got a little grumpy at one point, but we managed to stay for 3 hours.

  Baby boy, brother, baby brother, James Wyatt, Wyatt, my sweet boy, happy boy, mama's boy....  You have many names in this family, but each one is said with love & affection because that is all we have for you.  You have taught all of us just how much a heart can love. I have particularly enjoyed watching Kinsley Anne learn a love that I don't think she knew possible.  You are "her baby" and I love seeing her interact with you. She has learned incredible gentleness that we weren't sure she was capable of at first.  She will show you the world, sweet boy.  Buckle up, I'm sure you're only just beginning the ride of your life with her!  Your mommy & daddy love you tremendously as well and we love watching you grow and change each day.  However, I would be lying if I said that I wasn't sad about how much you've already grown and changed since that day in late April when we met for the first time.  I am definitely not a fan of how fast time flies, but I guess I don't have a say in that matter!  We love you wider than the sky, baby Wyatt, always & forever, no matter what.

Love, your mama

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