Monday, March 10, 2014

Mama Jen @ 32 weeks with Wyatt...and prayers for Kinsley Anne!

Weeks: 32 weeks yesterday

Cravings: My cravings have really petered out.  I like food in general, but I am at that stage where I can only eat about half at a time because I get full super fast. If I push beyond full, it actually hurts.

Any foods you don't want? Not really..

Symptoms? Wyatt is still somehow finding room inside to wiggle & roll. It was really neat for my parents, sister, and aunt to witness my belly moving this weekend while they were in town.  I have had minimal contractions (YAY! thank you, modified bedrest) but my hips/back still hurt no matter how I sit/stand/alternate.  My heating pad is my best friend.  I also still have the gallbladder pain, but I'm hoping that will go away after his birth!  

Showing: oh, absolutely!

Boy or Girl?
 Mr James "Wyatt" Settle

Bought anything? Yes! We bought bedding!! It's actually from Buy Buy Baby.  Kyle & I have liked it for a while, but when I went to Buy Buy Baby a few months ago, the set they had on display looked like horrible quality. So, I had basically given up on the set.  However, we went buy a different location on Friday & it looked great! So, we ordered it & it should arrive later this week.  I will post pictures of the nursery once we get everything put together (in the next couple of weeks).

Also, my parents, my sister, & one of my aunts all flew in this weekend & threw Wyatt and I a baby shower.  It was so very generous of them & so much fun!  Because we are doing his room in a rustic theme, they threw the shower at a local BBQ restaurant & used western decorations. Everything was so great! They even sent everyone home with ball jars of BBQ rub as a favor.

Baby Wyatt is going to be super well dressed & we got several baby gear items that we had not yet purchased! Thank you to EVERYONE who came!!! :)

Shopping for anything? We need to place our first order for diapers/wipes.. I think we are going to try ordering them from our Amazon Prime account. I think it will be so nice to have them just arrive at our doorstep when we need them!

..And the dad to be? Love him.  Watching him entertain the kids at the baby shower this weekend made my heart swell.  He was so good with all of them & KA loved that her daddy sat with her during "Wyatt's party."

...And the big sister to be? Such a super star! She was SO excited to help me unwrap presents & I was calling her my little Vanna White because she would parade his clothes/gifts around for everyone to see. She was so proud!

Most recent appointment? My 30 week appt, 2 weeks ago.

Next appointment? I have my 32 week appointment tomorrow.  I plan to ask if I need a 3rd trimester ultrasound for growth since I suspect that he is a big boy.  We'll see!...

Onto non-pregnancy things..

  • We went to the Houston Rodeo & Livestock Show while my family was in town this weekend. So much fun! Because I'm supposed to be taking it easy, I went in a wheelchair.  I'm glad I got to go because I wasn't so sure we could make that happen!!  We all had fun minus KA's mini meltdown over the Ewe who had just had twins. She did NOT like seeing the placenta coming out.  Kyle had to chat with her about farm life. ha!
this is how Mama Jen rolled... hehe

KA was so happy to be on a purple tractor ride!

 Kinsley Anne was still recovering from the sheep incident.
But Daddy was happy to be doing some country living!

  • Kinsley Anne has a really big week this week. Bless her heart (no pun intended), she has no idea.  She has a cardiac cath procedure set up for this Wednesday morning.  2 pediatric interventional cardiologists will be performing the procedure with a surgeon on stand by for consult.
    • Our prayers are that:
      • Kinsley Anne doesn't have a complete meltdown in preparation for the procedure. We plan to ask them to give her an oral sedative before any IVs are placed to help with her nerves/memory of the situation.
      • Kinsley Anne does well through the procedure without any complications.
      • That the cardiologists would use accuracy & precision to get ALL of the information that they need during the procedure...information about her pulmonary artery, pulmonary veins, inferior vena cava, and any other cardiac vessels in question.
      • That stents could be placed, where possible.  This would help us to avoid a more major heart surgery later this year!
      • That Kinsley Anne would be relaxed and calm during the 6 hours after the procedure where she has to lay flat.
      • That Kinsley Anne could be discharged the following day & not require an ICU stay.

  • Kinsley is officially signed up for gymnastics and starts next Thursday, as long as she has completely recovered from this week! She is ecstatic!
Until next time..
Love, Jen

This weekend, you were showered with so much love & support. Family & friends came together from all over to provide you with so many amazing gifts to show their love for you.  I may be biased, but I think that they know just how special of a little boy you will grow up to be! Mama will try to take it easy & rest for you this week, but it might be hard for a couple of days.  I love you wider than the sky, sweet boy!

Love, your mama (and daddy & big sissy Kinsley Anne)

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Prayers for your sweet little girl. Riding around in a wheelchair while pregnant sounds pretty awesome! Haha