Monday, March 3, 2014

Mama Jen @ 31 weeks with Wyatt...

Weeks: 31 weeks Sunday

Cravings: All food. HA! I have a steady appetite but have been trying SO hard to eat 3 meals and minimal snacks. It's hard though.

Any foods you don't want? Not really. Cajun doesn't sound great to me, which is one of Kyle's favorites. But, if he really wanted it, I would eat it.

Symptoms? My stomach rolls & wiggles  Ok, so maybe he does nap for short periods, but he is a really active little man.  Kyle says he doesn't remember Kinsley Anne having such huge movements, but I can't honestly remember either way.  It is really neat, but I am a little scared of what that means for once he's born....I seriously will wake up to roll over in the middle of the night & he is moving all over.  Wyatt, mama loves her sleep. You better learn to, too! HA :)

I have continued to have hip pain on & off. It happens most after sitting (working) for prolonged periods or standing/walking for a while.  I also have had bad pain in my right rib cage. I distinctly remember this same pain with Kinsley. My OB at the time thought it was my gallbladder. I had a normal ultrasound then, and I was told it would go away after delivery...which it did!  So, I am hoping that's what's going on. I saw my GI recently for a routine follow up and she said that a lot of pregnant women have gallbladder dysfunction that resolves after delivery.  Fingers crossed, because the pain is no joke!

Showing: undeniably, yes.

 30 weeks

31 weeks

Boy or Girl?
 Mr James "Wyatt" Settle

Bought anything? No. I have made some progress with browing online at crib bedding. I just hate themes and it is hard to find something that is not themed, but still fits in a rustic boy's room. I found two sets that a store ~45 minutes away has on their display room floor. So, I will have to make a trip that way at some point to look in person.

Also, over the past several months, I've found a love of shopping used for baby clothes.  I am uber picky, but have picked up some amazing monogrammed items for Wyatt for super cheap. My most recent is this adorable shirt for next summer. $11 shipped! I mean, I can barely take a shirt to be monogrammed for that.

Shopping for anything? Bedding.  And I am going to place my first order of diapers/wipes soon. I think I'm going to try out Amazon for my baby supplies this go round.

..And the dad to be? He's awesome.  I'm sure I drive him nuts with the "feel this! He's moving like crazy" all of the time, but he does it with a smile :)  He has helped keep up the house while I'm not really able to do as much as normal.  He has been great about applying horse liniment to my aches and pains, helping me get up off the couch when I'm nearly in tears from my hips, encouraging me to take baths & generally take life easy, etc.  What would I do without him?!

...And the big sister to be? She is such an awesome little girl.  She was hysterical this weekend with him.  Wyatt was sticking his booty or shoulder or something out to the side of my belly, making my belly look really distorted.  KA thought it was absolutely the best thing ever and started poking him and patting my belly.  She said she was tickling him & thought it was so much fun that he kept kicking/flicking her.  I said, "Kins, you keep it up and he's gonna come out poking & prodding you!"  Her response? ME?!?! like she had done nothing... ha

She tells me a billion times a day how much she loves me and how she hopes I feel well. She helps daddy get me off of the couch when I'm in pain & often dives into the bathtub with me so that she can play with my hair and "feel me better."  Such a sweet heart she has.

Most recent appointment? Last week I went in for my 30 week appt.  I had only gained 1 lb in 2 weeks! WAHOO. Best news ever to a pregnant woman.  I heard his sweet heart beat (140s) and was applauded by my doctor for taking it easy and following her directions.  She told me, "you know this as well as I, but you are saving yourself from unecessary hospitalizations, IV sticks, medications, etc. Keep up the good work."  That makes all of the pain, contractions, and rest worth it.  I would do anything for my sweet babies.

We also went on our OB tour yesterday. It was really good. The hospital where I will deliver is a part of Texas Children's & is less than 2 years old.  It is all state of the art with the newest & best technology.  I was really happy to hear how "family centered" they are. I am praying that we will all be able to stay together this go-round! No NICU prayers are appreciated!!! :)

Next appointment? Next week is my 32 week appt.  I don't expect any big news at this appt. However, I will be asking my doctor if she thinks a 3rd trimester ultrasound is necessary.  Wyatt has been ~2 weeks ahead on all measurements/ultrasounds and she had mentioned it early in the 2nd trimester.  So, I will ask about that. We all know that I like to birth big babies (KA was 7#3oz, 5 weeks early).

Onto non-pregnancy things..

  • Kinsley Anne went to her "best friend's" gymnastics birthday party this weekend.  Ava is a neighbor & turns 5 today! Hard to believe how old our sweet girls are getting.  KA had a blast! She is signed up to start gymnastics again on 3/20. 

 love that she is on her tip keep up with the big girls!

silly faces!

Until next time..
Love, Jen

WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I cannot wait to find out what you look like, but will gladly wait 6 more weeks for you to be a healthy {big} boy! You are going to be born into a family that will always love you, always support you.  I can't wait to see how my love will multiply when you are born.  Before your sister was born, I never thought I could love someone as much as I loved your daddy.  But, I fell in love instantly with her.  I can't wait to have that happen all over again with you.  They say that kids are a piece of their mommy's hearts walking around outside of their mama.  I think that's pretty true!  I love you wider than the sky. Keep growing & getting strong!!

Love, your mama (and daddy & big sissy Kinsley Anne)

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