Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mama Jen @ 29 weeks with Wyatt...

Weeks: 29 weeks, 2 days

Cravings: Water, ice, and pretty much just food in general. I do NOT remember being this hungry with Kinsley.  I think it helps that I am carrying so low. I only had heartburn for ~3 weeks, then it disappeared. YAY!

Any foods you don't want? It depends on the day. But most of the time, I'll eat my normal foods.

Symptoms? SO MUCH MOVEMENT.  My entire belly moves throughout the day & it is the absolute coolest feeling that never gets old. I have continued to have good days and bad days with hip pain. More good days then bad, though.  I also was having some contractions on and off & last Tuesday evening, they were 6-8 minutes apart. After ~2 hours, they started to slowly spaced back out and eventually went away.  The OB wasn't real happy to hear that on Wednesday, so I am on modified bed rest. I was specifically told "work and nothing else."  She even said "no target trips." Talk about taking a stab at me where it hurts!

Showing: absolutely. and my belly button has been out since the end of the first trimester/beginning of the 2nd.  I actually think (and my OB agrees) that I have a small umbilical hernia which causes my belly button to pop out like it does.

Boy or Girl? 
Mr. James "Wyatt" Settle

Bought anything? Not recently. I'm actually very proud of  myself for not doing some serious online shopping since I'm not allowed to do too much. But, my Aunt Lori sent a package with 2 adorable outfits, a set of bibs, and several sets of socks.  SO cute & so hard to believe that he will be that little! It's amazing how quickly you forget how little everything is at first!!

Several weeks ago, we did purchase a used double stroller from Craigslist. I was so excited to find one used because the one I wanted is NOT cheap new. After a few hours of taking it completely apart, washing it, and putting it back together (mostly Kyle's hard work), it is as good as new! It is a really cool stroller with a bunch of configurations.  At first, Wyatt's infant carrier will likely sit on the back lower part (we still need to buy the car seat adapters for the stroller) and KA will sit up front.  Then, as he grows, we can put that 2nd lower seat on.  The stroller has the ability to also be a single stroller as well.  Here's the link from Britax: http://www.britaxusa.com/strollers/b-ready
And a link to see all of the configurations: http://www.britaxusa.com/strollers/b-ready-configurations

Shopping for anything? I really need to decide on baby bedding.  I'm trying to decide if I want to design it on my own or if I want to buy something already made.  Hmm...

..And the dad to be? He's so awesome. He keeps telling me to take it easy & reminding me of the doctor's orders.  He has been pitching in with a lot around the house that I would normally be doing and not saying a word about it.  He has also been good about carrying KA everywhere since I can't. 

...And the big sister to be? Kinsley Anne is just amazing. I'm sure every parent says that about their child, but the compassion I have seen out of this little girl just blows me away. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY, Kinsley Anne asks me if I feel OK, if I feel better, if I need anything. She lays her head on my big belly & when I tried to carry her into her school yesterday, she reminded me "mommy can't carry me!"  It breaks my heart that I can't do as much for her as I normally do, but she is doing great with it all.  She pretty much tells everyone who will listen that she is going to have a baby brother. She told me the other night that when he cries, she will go in his room & tell him to "shh" and then come get us and ask "can I hold my baby brother?" I seriously cannot wait to see how insanely sweet she is with her baby brother in a couple of months.

Most recent appointment? 2/12 for my 28 week appointment.  Everything was fine. Wyatt's HR was in the 140s. I had my glucose tolerance test which was horrid. They gave me the orange fruit drink which was like Sunny D, only 100x more sugary. I despise all things citrus, so I had to take one for the team and just "man up."  I just heard today that I passed. Thank God because I was NOT looking forward to a 3 hour test.  The doctor also checked me because of my contractions and I am only a "fingertip" dilated, so that is good news.

Next appointment? Monday, 2/24 for my 30 week check.  She was going to consider rechecking me if I had more contractions, and luckily I've had very few. So, hopefully I don't have to do that again.  Keep cooking, baby Wyatt!!

Onto non-pregnancy things..

  • I am now working from home and loving the no-traffic commute in the morning. :)
  • Kinsley Anne started a new preschool much closer to the house because of me working at home. It is very similar to her last one, but she does not have to wear a uniform & that makes her super happy.
  • Displaying photo.JPG

    Displaying photo.JPG

    we had cookie cake to celebrate her first day of a new school!
    • We are going to get Kinsley Anne signed up for gymnastics by the end of the month & she has started talking about dance, so maybe that too? They offer dance once/week at her school, so we may take advantage of that.
    • Kinsley Anne has a procedure scheduled for next month. We would appreciate all of your prayers as that approaches! I will put up a post all about that soon.
    • The puppies are enjoying that I work from home now. Avery is the ultimate lazy dog, so she sleeps next to me pretty much all day. Bowen spends a little time lounging with me in the morning, then he goes outside to chase his ball, chew on his toys, and bark at the boogie man.
     Mama is so ready to meet you, but I want you to grow bigger & stronger inside for AT LEAST 5 more weeks!!! Preferably 8 more. I am going to do whatever it takes (or as little as it takes) to give you the best chance at hanging out in there for as long as possible! You are coming into a family with so much love & we cannot wait to welcome you with wide open arms.  Your big "sissy" talks about you all of the time & can't wait to smother you with hugs, snuggles, and kisses.  We love you wider than the sky, buddy.

     Your mama

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