Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mama Jen @ 23 weeks, 6 days..

Poor baby Wyatt. I have had every good intention to sit down and write posts about my pregnancy with him, but time has slipped away week by week.  I am now 23 weeks, 6 days and have finally sat down to write.

Here are some rapid fire recaps:

  • We found out that I was pregnant at ~4-5 weeks. I actually knew pretty much instantly because my boobs were hurting & I started showing VERY quickly. 
  • We went to the doctor at 9 weeks & my due date was changed from 4/30/14 to 5/4/14.  Everything looked good though! And the heart beat was 168.


pics at 10 weeks. I felt huge there...little did I remember.

pics at 11 weeks. Kinsley Anne was getting more excited because she could see my belly better!
  • We went to the doctor at 13 weeks & had another ultrasound to "confirm dates."  Wyatt was growing as big as 13 weeks 5 days, but the OB said that give/take 5 days was normal, so she stuck to the due date of 5/4/14. I had only gained 1lb at this point.
  • I started feeling movement the day that I started my new job! 11/4/13.  I was 14 weeks 1 day.
  • We went to a private ultrasound boutique in Houston to find out if baby Settle #2 was a boy or girl at 16 weeks 6 days...the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  Kyle, Kinsley Anne, my Aunt Carol, and obviously me!  We left feeling very confident that baby Settle #2 was a BOY!!
  • We ordered gender reveal cakes and sent them to each of our parents & sent gender reveal cupcakes to my sister.  Everyone cut into or bit into their cakes on Thanksgiving day, revealing the BOY gender of our baby!
  • We told everyone his name: James "Wyatt" Settle.  James is a family name on Kyle's side of the family. All of the first born males are James, but go by their middle names.  We thought Wyatt was a strong name that would carry him through a lifetime of success.
  • I went to the OB at 17 weeks & had gained more weight than I would have liked. However, I had recently started having a lot of ankle swelling & she said that the weight gain was likely fluid and not to worry....easier said than done!!
  • We went to the maternal fetal center at 20 weeks 3 days to have a level 2 ultrasound and meet with the high risk OB.  Everything went great! He was measuring as much as 21 weeks 5 days, depending on the measurement.  Most importantly, he appeared to have all of his fingers, all of his toes, and was perfectly healthy. The OB said that he recommended a fetal echo due to Kinsley Anne's health concerns, but otherwise, he thought Wyatt and I were going to do great!
  • We went to my regular OB later that week, 20 weeks 5 days.  My fundal height was 22 weeks. I think Wyatt is a big boy! She agreed on the fetal echo but thought everything was going great. I gained only 1lb since my 17 week visit...back on track. Phew.

pics at 23 weeks. The holidays made me gain too much. Time to get back on track!!!!
  • Monday, we have the fetal echo scheduled and we will see a fetal cardiologist. I expect that visit to be quite lengthy.
  • The following Monday is my 24 week visit at my regular OB (at 25 weeks). I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying by! I only have 1 monthly visit left before the every 2 week visits start. EEK!

  I am so in love already. Everyone keeps telling me about "mama's boy" and I am thrilled to meet you, cuddle you, and smother you with my kisses. You are one active little boy & I think that is telling me about what's to come! Kinsley Anne is very excited to become a "big sissy" and I hope you are ready to be doted on every moment of every day. She talks to you, hugs you, and kisses you throughout every day!

We love you wider than the sky baby Wyatt, 
 mama, daddy, & big sissy Kinsley Anne

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