Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kinsley sweet ball of fire

I thought since I had updated about baby Wyatt, I would take the time to do a post on Kinsley Anne.  Kinsley is now 3yrs 3 months old & has just grown & blossomed before our eyes! Everything happens so quickly. I was just looking through videos on my iPhone last night & I cannot believe that less than one year ago, Kinsley Anne still had a paci, her speech was good but sometimes hard to understand, and she was just a little 20-25lb peanut! 

In the last year:
  • Kinsley Anne is about 39" & ~33 pounds.
  • Kinsley Anne has grown to LOVE her school, Primrose.  It is a private school from infants-3rd grade.  She talks all of the time about her teachers, what she's learning, and has become quite the little artist.  She loves to "read" her favorite books repeatedly (she has them memorized and flips pages appropriately as she "reads"). The teacher told me last week that she is finally "making her presence known" in the classroom.  Evidently, she was fairly quiet for a long time (which is hard for her mama & daddy to believe), but is coming out of her shell.

  • As I just mentioned, she has become quite the little chatterbox.  She uses big words all of the time that I can only assume are her vocabulary words at school. She uses her manners, but sometimes needs a little reminder, just like any toddler!  She loves to use her imagination & tell us stories about her stuffed animals and dolls.  She names all of them and takes good care of them, just like she's their mama. 

  • Kinsley Anne potty trained shortly after starting school here...right around 2.5 yrs old. Once she decided it was time, it was time! And she hasn't looked back.  
  • She has not had a paci since Memorial Day Weekend 2013.  She was down to 1 wub-a-nub paci & was told by Mama & Daddy that when she lost or broke that one, there would be no more.  Well, she had started a new habit of "chewing" the tip of the paci & sure enough, while we were out of town for the weekend, she bit it too hard & that was the end of her paci.  She had a few rough nights, but quickly learned that she would survive. We have kept "wub-a-nubbie" as a keepsake for her later on.

  • She took swim lessons last spring & did great. She learned that it is OK to go under water, with or without goggles, and that you will survive!! She was mastering the back float but we will work more on that again this spring when it warms up!  She has not been doing gymnastics since we moved back here, but once I am working from home, I plan to sign her back up, one evening/week.  

  • She LOVES going to the zoo & seeing all of the animals.  We bought a season pass when we moved here & it has been well worth the money.  My parents actually renewed our season pass for another year for Christmas! Woohoo!  The Houston Zoo is so big that we do not usually even see all of the animals each time we go...but it is fun nonetheless!

  • She has gone to the movie theater a few times since we moved to Texas.  Her first movie theater experience was for Monster's University.  Since then, we saw Frozen and Nut Job.  She is great & really enjoys the concessions just as much as the movie.
  • She LOVES to play outside.

  • She thinks she is a Disney Princess.  She has a Cinderella dress, a rapunzel nightgown, and an Elsa (Frozen) nightgown.  She has decided that maybe the Cinderella dress is a little itchy, but she LOVES dressing up in her nightgowns & putting on her princess dress up shoes (thank you Aunt Lori!).

  • She is in love with her puppies & tries her best to keep them in line. However, she has made it known that she really wants a kitty & a bunny. 

  • She had her 3rd birthday party at the Houston Aquarium and it was so fun! She had the joy of spending her birthday weekend with Aunt Lydia, Uncle Joe, Julia, and Lia! They were in town on their fall break & that made her birthday (and all of our weekend) that much more special!!

  • She has also had a lot going on with her health since we came to Texas which is a post in and of itself.  We have been a long journey with KA trying to do what's best for her & we do firmly believe we are closer than ever to finding more answers.  Since being in Houston, we have found out how easily her lungs get infected (and how they stay that way if not on the proper course of antibiotics), that she has scarring in her lungs from all of her previous infections, that there are special meds & devices (that she now takes/uses) to help loosen & move her mucus so that she can get rid of it easier, etc. We also recently found out that she may have some blood vessel abnormalities with a few of her major cardiac vessels.  We will know more in the coming months as she undergoes testing, but would appreciate your prayers as we embark on that journey. We are in the very capable hands of the #3 pediatric heart center in the nation, and have no doubt that Kinsley Anne's perfectly imperfect heart is part of the reason that God brought us to Houston. She is such a trooper & as much as she hates the thought of any medical test being done to her, she has become one brave little girl.  She plays doctor at home all of the time & says she wants to be an animal doctor one day.  I know that God is using this tough journey of hers to create quite the testimony to tell others about Him one day.

  • I could go on & on about our sweet girl & all of her silly quirks, likes, and dislikes, but for now, you are probably on overload.  I will do my best to update soon about the other fun things we've done since being in Texas (FOR ONE YEAR!) and how she's adjusting to the thought of a baby in mama's belly.

Kinsley Anne, 
 It is hard to believe that in just a few short months, we will be a family of four.  I have had so much fun learning a new house, new friends, and new places with you this last year.  We have had struggled being away from family together & together, we've made it.  We love you so much that sometimes, it hurts.  I have said before that if I could go through the testing for you, I would in a heartbeat (no pun intended).  We just want you to feel better & know what it's like to be a healthy little girl.  We are so proud of the sweet and sassy little girl you have grown into.  Keep being you, Kinsley Anne.  I love you to the moon...and back...and then some.

Love, your mama

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