Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kinsley Anne's Big Girl Room

While Kinsley Anne was away in South Carolina for a month this summer, my top priority was to design and implement a beautiful but simple place for Kinsley Anne to call her own. She has been in a toddler bed for several months and doing well and as Kyle and I begin to consider another munchkin, we felt this was a great time to transition her to a brand new space. With much help from Pinterest, I was able to put together an inspiration board for this room. I knew I wanted whites, pinks, and blues.  This is what I had come up with:

I bought a couple of small things before going to buy big pieces. My first purchase was this piece of art.

Second we're these pillows. 

Next, we purchased furniture. I knew I wanted girly. I also knew I wanted white or off white. We are quite happy with what we found. I don't think it will "go out of style" anytime soon.  The rest came together well after we put furniture together.  Here are pictures and at the end, a list of where I found everything.



She comes home this Wednesday and I cannot wait to see her little eyes get wide, trying to take it all in.  I hope you like it. And in case you do, here's the list of where things are from.

Bed, dresser, night stand : Cottage Retreat Poster Bedroom by Ashley Furniture
Comforter & 2 Pink Ruffle Shams : Hillcrest Fine Linens, found at HomeGoods
White Sheets with lace accent : Simply Shabby Chic, found at Target
Pink ruffle Bedskirt : Circo, found at Target
Decorative Pillows (moon & giraffes) : THRO by Marlo Lorenz, found at HomeGoods
White Ruffle Curtains : Simply Shabby Chic "white gauze ruffle," found at Target
Blue Microfiber Chenille Rug : Funtime Children's Collection, found at HomeGoods 
"She is Fierce" Art : OneKingsLane online auction
Stairs : Animal Planet Wooden Pet Stairs, found at Bed, Bath, & Beyond

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Long overdue

I haven't blogged in entirely too long. There, I put it out there. We have moved to Katy, TX and are all set up here.  In rapid fire format, this is what's been going on in our lives:

1) Moved in and have decorated much of our new home.

2) Started Kinsley Anne in a fantastic private preschool. They love on her so much and she is a smart little cookie. She starts wearing a uniform in August!!! Where did my little girl go??

Worst school picture ever. Ha.

3) I started a new job in a pediatricians office as their nurse practitioner. I love the patients and families that I have come to know.

4) Kyle started his job and is a busy beaver. He is loving the oil & gas business. 

5) We have met some great friends!

6) We have gone to Austin one weekend, Galveston one weekend, Kemah one weekend, & have lots more mini trips in the works.

7) We have hosted both of our families in our new home.

8) We have ditched the paci & are completely potty trained (nighttime included). KA sleeps in a toddler bed & we are looking at moving her to a full bed sometime in the not so distant future.

9) we have made great strides in "getting to the bottom of" Kinsley Anne's chronic cough/illnesses. Unfortunately that has included several days in the hospital.

10 I went on a fantastic trip to Costa Rica with my sister..yes, just the two of us! We had a great time!!!!

11) Kinsley Anne left yesterday for one MONTH in South Carolina. She will be with Kyle's parents for 2 weeks, then with mine for the last 2. It is going to be hard for us, but SO worth her memories.

Sorry for photo overload. My goal is to continue to be an active blogger as I miss this. I really do.

Until Next Time...
Love, Jen