Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mission Possible!

Kyle's dad got us all in the car one Saturday & we headed to Charlotte. The car arrangement is important, so here is who was in each car:
  • Car 1:
    • Kyle, Kinsley Anne, and myself
    • Kyle's brother Ryan & wife Ashley
    • Kyle's brother Clay & fiancee Tory
  • Car 2:
    • Kyle's mom & dad (Kinsley Anne's Nonie & Poppy)
We were all chatting/doing work (our hard worker Ash)/watching Charlotte's Web, when all of our phones either vibrated or rang. We started reading a text message that read like this:

Mission Possible....
Behind Clay in the right pocket of the red bag, you will find an envelope for each passenger of the car. Your mission is to use the contents for yourself only and you must use the total contents and will have one hour to do so. Your time will begin once we finish lunch. Again, total contents. On Yourself. Something you would NOT normally do.
Mission Possible!

Chaos ensued inside of the vehicle after that, because we realized that there was a $100 bill in each envelope, for each of the passengers of the car, including Kinsley Anne. The questions were...what do I want? Do I need anything? Do they have a store with ___? I got on the store directory for SouthPark Mall and started searching. 1 hour in a big mall is not much time.

Our plan was to head to Cheesecake Factory for lunch but with a hungry 2 year old & a group of 8 (+ a toddler), the wait was going to be 1 hour. So, we decided to hit up the Southpark Mall Food Court & start our mission!!!

The race began as soon as we ate. Nonie took Kinsley Anne & I went off by myself.  First, I was on a search for a purse. I wanted a new crossbody. However, all of the ones I liked were north of $400. Plan B.... Boots. I wanted riding style boots and a pair of black boots with dark brown up top...similar to these. But if you click on that link, you'll see that they are nearly a grand...NOT happening. So, Plan C.. Jewelry. That's when I found the store that every girl loves...Tiffany's. I purchased a beautiful piece wrapped up in that gorgeous blue/green box. I have worn it every day since.

{this is customer service.
a customized email later that day from the salesman at Tiffany & Co. thanking me for my business}

When I met back up with Nonie, Kinsley Anne was crying for sassy. She was tired from only napping <1 a="a" above="above" all="all" amp="amp" an="an" angels="angels" any="any" be="be" came="came" car.="car." charlotte.="charlotte." department="department" didn="didn" even="even" for="for" from="from" had="had" he="he" hen="hen" her="her" hey="hey" high="high" hr="hr" href="http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/gund-sesame-street-stuffed-animal/3006493?origin=category&contextualcategoryid=0&fashionColor=&resultback=1100" in="in" into="into" it.="it." kids="kids" low="low" money.="money." music="music" nbsp="nbsp" nordstrom="nordstrom" now="now" o="o" of="of" on="on" out="out" passed...no="passed...no" perfect="perfect" picked="picked" que="que" removed.="removed." ride="ride" said="said" sassies="sassies" sassy.="sassy." sassy="sassy" searched="searched" she="she" spend="spend" store="store" stores="stores" t="t" tag="tag" that="that" the="the" through="through" to="to" toy="toy" up="up" upon="upon" wait="wait" was="was" we="we" went="went" whining="whining">Abby Cadabby
doll and a pair of light up Skechers boots that SHE picked out all by herself. I put her in front of the shoes (since she only had 1 pair that fit at home, and let her go to town).  She investigated all of the Tom's.  Then, the boots, until she came across this pair.  She wouldn't stop stomping her feet for ~2 days straight to make them light up! She loves each of her purchases. I have taught my girl how to shop early. 

Amongst other purchases in the group were a purse, athletic gear, boots, sports coat, belt, milkshakes, etc. However, most importantly was the fun had by everyone. This was SUCH a fun game. It was expensive for Randy, but we had a ball & Randy definitely gave me a souvenir to remember our family by. As you can see, my necklace is an infinity knot. There is a lot of meaning behind this. I hope that all of our family realizes that our love for them never ends. This also represents that there is no true "beginning or end" to our story. I can't help but think often of the song by Semisonic, Closing Time, that says: "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

Thank you for the great memory!  We still have time to make more & that's exactly what I plan to do!

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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