Friday, October 26, 2012

Leavin' on a Jet Plane...

Dear Family,

   We wanted to write a letter to our close friends and family (and I consider my blog readers to be part of that category) to let you in on the newest adventure in our lives. As you may or may not be aware, our “little family” is at a crossroads and will be relocating to Houston, Texas over the next couple of months.
   Kyle has been able to break though some of his struggles at work over the past year. However, the next step for him would take us out of town on a long-term assignment, likely without a promotion. Realizing the likelihood of relocation since Fluor was not giving Kyle the right opportunities at this time, one of Kyle’s contacts asked for an updated resume to pass along. About five weeks later, Kyle received a voicemail from WorleyParsons showing great interest and requested a phone interview. After much discussion and research, the phone interview went great and a face-to-face interview was scheduled in Houston, TX. The interview in Houston was intended to be a one day trip, but turned out to be quite the roller coaster and extended for another day. Kyle interviewed with his potential manager, Tom, first and was told they would be putting together an offer soon. After a few other interviews, Kyle found a project he felt would be a great fit on as a Project Engineer, given his experience and interests. This is a great career opportunity to step into project management, so after a week of negotiations, we are committed and Texas bound!

   Jen has also been struggling for quite some time regarding her career desires. She has been praying about what she should be doing to better provide for her family, but also not “give up” on her awesome NP career. She has been blessed with amazing coworkers during her time in SC, but she is very interested in getting plugged into a hospital system that is dedicated solely to children. She feels that although her current hospital system does a stellar job caring for the children in the Upstate region, there is a difference between a dedicated children’s hospital and a children’s hospital within a larger hospital. Jen looks forward to finding a part-time pediatric NP career so that she has extra time to spend with Kinsley Anne and better keep up our home.
   Hopefully the above information helps explain the ‘career’ reasons for our decision, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. We have been praying for God’s guidance in our life, specifically asking for direction in where we should be going geographically and how we can better serve. We have had a strong feeling inside of us that we are not doing all that God has called us to do in life. Through the process of considering Houston, both of us have had an extreme sense of peace and feel like we are being led in that direction. As much as we would like to say we can simply follow God’s calling, we have still struggled due to the fact that we will be leaving the family and community that we LOVE. We have gotten fully involved in the local church, we have Kyle’s family here, Jen’s sister nearby, and let's be honest - everything's familiar. However, we understand that life comes in seasons. All of our families have gone through seasons away from ‘home’ and we feel strongly that the next season of our life should be spent in Texas. The Upstate of South Carolina still holds a large piece of our hearts and given the right opportunities and time, we feel that our time in Houston may prepare us to come back to you in a better situation.
   Thank you to all of you for the love and support that you have given us throughout our life. Although you, like us, may not be excited to say goodbye, we appreciate your understanding and support during this season of our life.

Much Love and Thanks,

Kyle, Jen, and Kinsley Anne

Houston, Ima comin' to see you
Houston, has it really been that long?
I know I've been away
But I'm just callin' to tell you that I'm leavin' today

-Glen Campbell

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