Thursday, October 25, 2012

2 years old!!

What a difference two years makes...

Kinsley Anne, 
  Two years old. Is that possible? It doesn't seem so.  Your daddy & I have had the pure exhilaration and pleasure of carrying you & letting you carry us through uncountable trials and triumphs throughout these past 2 years.  From taking home a precious but fragile child from the NICU, to seeing you sit up for the first time in the pediatrician's office, to watching you take your first steps, to listening to you string words together in your first phrases, every milestone you have reached has been a true joy to be a part of.  

We can only imagine what mountains you will climb to the top of in life with the perseverance of an ox, stubborness of a mule, and that special heart of gold.  

At two years old, you are:

  • wearing 12 month - 24 month clothes and occasionally 2T.
  • wearing a size 4 diaper
  • weighing 25.5lbs
  • measuring 35in
  • talking up a storm.  You fool people every once in a while into thinking you're shy, but for the most part, you don't meet a stranger.
  • stringing words together into phrases/sentences
    • i.e. - No mama, no want it.
  • Running a little too fast. Your feet sometimes get tripped up on each other & you go boom. You tell the floor, table, or whatever you hit your 'noggin on that it was "mean, not nice!"
    • You were running in your Halloween socks in the kitchen at Nonie's the other night & hit the floor in a spread eagle. You had a fat lip for "Christmas pictures" at school the next day.  It was the first time you had truly drawn blood from an injury and it was not a pretty sight.  You could barely suck your "sassy" [paci] because your lip was so fat.
  • Still running with a "chicken wing." You don't like to swing your right arm at all when you run, unlike your left arm. This began when you first started running. Your pediatrician thinks it is more of a habit than a problem, but we will continue to keep an eye on it.  You use your right arm to color and stack things, you just don't use it to run.
  • Jumping [barely] off of the floor. Going to gymnastics and bouncing on the trampoline has helped with that.
  • Walking up and down stairs with alternating feet. You are good about holding onto the handrail or to mommy/daddy, but you have mastered this skill.
  • Loving to carry purses, bags, backpacks, etc. It doesn't matter if they are empty or packed to the brim.  You are all girl.
  • Loving your new Sketcher's light up boots, from a shopping spree at Nordstrom [a post in and of itself].  You got them in black & have worn them many times already.  You have traded in your beloved zebra squeaker boots for these...good thing, considering the zebras were no longer fitting!
  • Using manners exceptionally well.  You still need reminded for maam & sir sometimes, but you say please, thank you, yes maam/no sir, etc.
    • when the waiter the other night asked Daddy if he wanted more tea, you answered for him "No...thank you!"  He really did want more, but we were just so happy to hear your manners.
  • Loving on all of your babies.  It can be a tissue, a pack of cards, a stuffed animal, or a baby doll.  Everything is "sweet baby."  You give it all hugs and rock back and forth loving on it.  If it falls, you tell it "baby fall! it ok, baby. do not cry, baby." You put all your babies in your swing & say "weeee baby." I never hear you fussing at your babies, so I must not be too harsh with you! :)  phew!
  • Loving reading books. If you see one that you love, you tell us "favorite! book! favorite! kinsley! book!"  At this time, those include, Brown Bear Brown Bear, Pete the Cat, Llama Llama, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, & Talk Oscar, Please!
  • Singing.  Not necessarily anything in particular.  Sometimes parts of the ABCs, sometimes Ring around the Rosey, whatever it is, it is very quiet and to yourself.  If I try to get you to sing louder, you stop.

Kinsley Anne, 
    What a bright little light you are in our life. You cheer us up on the worst of days. I know our family loves you just as much as we do & it is so nice to know that we have a "village" of people helping us to raise you.  Please always know that you are surrounded by the love of your family.  Also know that God is good, has always been good, and will always be good. We talked about this verse in Church on Sunday & I have been led to share it with you...
For you created my inmost being; 
you knit me together in my mother's womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, 
I know that full well.
My frame was not hidden from you
when I was made in the secret place,
when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.
Your eyes saw my unformed body;
all the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be.
how precious to me are your thoughts, God!
How vast is the sum of them!
Were I to count them,
they would outnumber the grains of sand --
when I awake, I am still with you.

Psalm 139: 13-18:

Just remember that Kinsley Anne. There is a God in charge of this crazy thing called life. He knew us before he formed us. He thinks about us more than there are grains of sand in this world. lot.

I love you to the moon & back. Always, always, always & forever.

Your mama.

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