Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kinsley Anne is 23 months old!!

One more month? ONE MORE MONTH?!

Every month I say it. Every month I mean it. Every month I wonder, where has the time gone?! This time next month, we will have a two year old...officially. I have actually already been telling people that you're two. It's just easier.... "yes, I have a 23 month old.." yep, that just sounds weird.

Anyway, enough of my rambling... Kinsley Anne, you are a gem. You are seriously the light in our lives. I know that my parents enjoyed Aunt Katy & me as kids, but there is no way to express the abundant love that a parent has for their children until you experience it. I pray that you will one day experience that love as well.

At 23 months, you are:
  • ~35.5in (~95%)
  • ~24.5lbs (25%)
  • wearing a very wide variety of sizes. anything from 6-12months (shorts) to some 2T (smocked bishops).
  • wearing size 4 Luv's diapers [we made this switch because they hold a large volume of Tee-Tee]
  • showing more interest in the potty. you talk the talk, but do not "walk the walk"...yet. 
    • we are not pushing it though. they will put you on the potty every 2 hours in your pre-2 class at school (starting next month), so we will hit potty training hard then.
  • mommying everybody. you love your babies. you give them their sassies, their baba, you push them in their stroller, put them in their car seat, you tell them "its ok, your ok" if they fall, you hold their head for stability when your holding them & pat their back with the other hand, sing them lullabies, cover them with blankies, etc.
    • i have never seen you discipline your babies, so I guess we must be going easy on you!!
  • still using your "sassy" at nighttime...we call them "pacies" but you call them "sassies"
    • when we went to UNC for my last GI appointment, we stayed in a hotel overnight & we told you that we "forgot them" at home in bed...[those "silly sassies"]...but that didn't cried hysterically for hours. so we gave in.
    • it doesn't bother me that you still have it, so who knows when we'll pull the plug.
  • doing gymnastics weekly. you love it. I tell you in the morning when I wake you up that it's gymnastics day after school & when I pick you up from school, "gymnastics" is what you keep saying over and over. You listen to "Miss Kate" very well & have learned to do a spider swing from the low bar, walk independently across the low balance beam, do a bridge, swing on the rings, jump in the pit, etc. 

these pictures were from the first week.. oh, how far we've come!
  • speaking like a little adult. of course you mispronounce things & that's ok. but your depth of vocabulary is amazing. 
    • on the way home from school, you love to give me a recap of your day.
    • you tell me who was "nice" & "not nice"
    • what you did while playing outside
    • what "prrrretty" art you made that day, etc
  • singing the "ABCs" in every restroom we enter [public or at home]. really, you just sing "B. C. B." most times, but will sing more if I prod you. it's the cutest thing. I don't know if you like to hear your voice echo or what, but without fail, you do it.
  • loving watching for school buses and airplanes on the drive to & from school each morning & afternoon.
    • as a treat some days on the way home, we pull into the little cut out at the airport off of the highway and watch airplanes take off & land. you get a serious kick out of it. 
    • if there are no planes to be seen, you tell me "airplanes are napping. silly airplanes."
  • watching Elmo [a favorite] or Veggie Tales [Princess and the Pop Star, specifically]
  • reading Pete the Cat or Llama Llama...or really, any other book.
  • becoming braver about the doctor. luckily, we haven't spent much time there. and therefore, you can get weighed, have the princess wand across your forehead (thermometer), the soccer ball put on your toe (oxygen sat monitor), they can listen to you (stethescope), & tickle your ear (otoscope) all without you throwing a fit!!! THIS IS HUGE FOR YOU!!!!!
    • However, when they look in your mouth...that's a different story. Next month, your vaccine & flu shot will be no fun either.
    • You love that they give you two purple "glubs" to wear. "TWO UB 'EM!"

  • loving on all of your family. In August, you got to love on Mema, GPop, GGmom, GGpop, Nanny, Aunt Katy, & Uncle Stephen for 2 weeks!!! She somehow kept track of everyone's names. 
Kinsley at her first tea party with mema
    • loving your jewels. you have a whole bag full of bracelets that your Aunt Fanny made (Nanny's sister). You love to put them alllll on at the same time.

  • loving your "baffs." You like bubbles...lots "ub 'em" & swim until your heart's content.  We drain the tub out when mommy & daddy think bath time should be over, but you will even swim in the bubbles in the empty tub. silly girl.

Kinsley Anne,
  You have been an incredible blessing to your daddy & mommy's life. You personality continues to explode & we have thoroughly enjoyed watching it develop.  We anticipate your 2nd birthday next month with bittersweet joy. Knowing how far you have come...from a fragile, premature baby with medical adversities to overcome, to a strong-as-an-ox toddler with a jubilant spirit and a loving heart.  We are extraordinarily proud of you, little girl. And always will be.
            We love you to the moon & back... always, always, always & forever.

Love, your mama & daddy


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happy soon to be birthday to your beautiful daughter. enjoy enjoy!!
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great photos!

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oh my gosh!! She is just too adorable! I'm so jealous of her beautiful locks! Thanks for linking up with us this week! :)

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