Monday, July 16, 2012

Kinsley Anne is 21 months!

How did this happen?  Every month I say it.  But as we approach her 2 year birthday, I am just stunned.  How am I the parent of a toddler.  I could always picture myself carrying an infant, swaddling a baby, holding a small child.  But never could I see myself holding hands with a toddler, saying "I love you" a million times a day to a little person, or applauding a young child's first success at counting to ten.  But, here I am, doing just that.  Kinsley Anne turns 21 months on Wednesday, and I couldn't be more proud of the little girl she is molding into.  I am so enjoying parenting her, even on her most trying days.  Yes, it is exhausting, but SO worth every moment.  I think I may even like this stage more than the days of the tee-bitsy-witsy-baby stage and if you know me at all, you would have never thought that possible.

So, Kinsley Anne, without further ado, here is what you are doing at 21 months:

  • weighing ~24lbs.
  • measuring about 32.5in
  • just starting to wear a size 4 diaper
  • wearing a variety of sizes in clothing. a good bit of 12 month, lots of 18 month, very few 24 month.  it is still VERY hard to find shorts that fit. lots of them fall off your teensy waist. haven't been successful at finding a good neutral belt for you yet.
  • you are a shoe girl. you LOVE to go in a shoe store & look around. and are well behaved in there, too!! that's my girl! you have pink rainbows, pink khombu sandals, white mooshu trainers, brown livie & lucas, green cherokee t-strap sandals, black cherokee flats, silver b.o.c ballet flats, zebra boots, rain boots, water shoes, and the list goes on...the girl is picky about what she wears too.
  • getting picky about your outfits.  you will tell me "uh uh" if I pick out something that you don't want to wear. You have been known to go to church in a blue duck dress with zebra boots before because that's what you want to wear & mama didn't want to pick that battle.
  • learning manners.  You use please and thank you, often without being prompted but sometimes need reminded.
  • are still working on your patience.
  • are loving books.  your favorites are Pete the Cat, Llama Llama Red Pajamas, Old MacDonald Had a Farm (with music), There Was an Old Lady, & Colors
  • are loving Elmo.  Not just Sesame Street, but specifically Elmo.
  • you are a dancing machine.
  • you remember to say the blessing at each meal & at bedtime, closing your eyes and folding your hands. you say a sweet little amen at the end.  
  • you count to 10 on your own.
  • you love the water. it was like we flipped a switch. you have always loved the bath, but were never sure about the pool. well, after we went to the beach for July 4th, you fell in love with both the beach & the pool.  you now squeal with delight about water, the ocean, the pool, boats, jet skis, etc.
  • you have been riding our new jet ski and loving it. You are very relaxed on it & talk about seeing ducks, boats, balls (buoys), birds, etc. the whole time!
  • you are a chatterbox. your vocabulary is insane. I am an interpreter for most people as words like bunny sound like money & lotion sound like ocean, but I understand you at least 75% of the time.  In the car, Daddy and I just turn off the radio and listen to you. This weekend, we listened as you talked to your baby.  You had a whole conversation with her but we had no idea what you were saying to her because it was just quiet enough that we couldn't make it out.
  • you are a little mama.  You carry your babies (raffy, baby dolls, etc) around and give them a sassy (paci), bottle, blankie, or whatever else they might need. You lay them down and pat their bottoms to make them go night night.  You hum to them sometimes.  It is really sweet to see how you portray us treating you.  I haven't seen you hitting them or sassing them, so I take it we're doing pretty well as parents!
  • you are the girliest girly girl one minute and such a tomboy the next. you ask for your "airbow" & sit it on top of your head, wear a purse full of your babies, bounce on your tippy toes, and point your pinky finger out when drinking out of your sippy cups.  But you like to play with rocks, look for buggies (and squeal EW-WEE when you find them), & dig in dirt/sand. 
  • you love your puppies. you try to give them "uggs" (hugs) & kisses even when they don't want them or they've maybe had one too many, you make sure they have their blankies if they're trying to take a nap, and you are always willing to give them just one more cookie. they never mind. [the cookies that is]
  • you are terrified of bad thunderstorms. we had several lately & you fell asleep in daddy's arms because you refused to fall asleep in your bed. but that was OK with us because you rarely sleep in our arms anymore.  once you fell asleep, we gently put you back in bed & you slept peacefully the rest of the night.
  • now, anytime you hear a bad sound, you yell "tunder" (thunder) or "favrewark" (firework)
  • you learned about my dear friend, Nate Henn, the other night.  We watched a slide show about him.  you were very enthusiastic about saying his name & it moved me to tears.  I told your Daddy that I would absolutely want you to meet him if he were alive, so you were definitely going to learn about him now that he was in Heaven. I taught you that he was with Jesus now.  I told you that he was a good man & that he died doing what he was passionate about. I told you that more of us ought to live our lives like that.  God bless you, Nate.  We miss you.
  • when it comes to eating, you are a dipper. You love to dip anything and everything in honey mustard, ranch, ketchup, cheese, you name it.  The other night, you even just ate ketchup on your fork. plain ketchup. eek. I know I did it as a kid, but now it gives me the eebee-jeebees.

  • I know there are probably 23509735 other things I am missing out on, but you have been so much fun to play with the last few months! I look forward to it continuing!  And I will leave you with a video of miss priss "whistling" with the jet ski whistle.

Kinsley Anne, 

 We cannot imagine life without you. You lack no personality & we have so much fun with you. We had a ball with you at the beach, just the three of us and are looking forward to our next family vacation already.  We are lucky to have such a smart little girl in our lives & you never cease to amaze us with each new thing that you do.  You teach us new lessons daily as we get to see life through your eyes.  Please always remember that we love you to the moon & back, always always always and forever.

Love, mama & daddy

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