Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kinsley Anne @ 18mo

So, this may be a little late sweet girl, but almost 2 weeks ago, you turned 18 months.  This was a shock to me. I mean, yes, I knew you were approaching this age. But why does 18 months have to sound so old?! Slow down, time!

Kinsley Anne, at 18 months old, you are SO funny & SO much fun!!! Here's what you can do, say, & entertain us with...

  • You are 22 lbs, 7oz (~45-50%) & 33.5 inches long (93%)
  • You wear a size 3 diaper
  • You are wearing mainly 18mo clothes for length, but I still have you in some 12 month bubbles.  You can still wear some 6-9 month shorts due to your teensy waist, but they're getting short...we might just need to find you some belts because ALL of your length-appropriate shorts for this summer are HUGE in the waist on you. I foresee years of shopping fun ahead of us! :)
  • You have an unbelievable vocabulary. You can say well over 30 words understandably.  We understand more like 50+. I listed them out at the doctor's office for your well child check and your pediatrician was quite happy since you were on the slower side to start babbling.  Here's some of the list....
    • mommy/mama, daddy/dada, nanny (my mom's mom), mema (my mom), GPop (my dad), Poppy (kyle's dad), Nonie (kyle's mom), Papa (kyle's dad's dad), nyno (=rhino...kyle's brother), ash (rhino's wife...my long-time friend), bella (=her german shorthaired puppy stuffed animal), dog, puppy, cat, kitty, horse, moo (=cow), bird, bear, waddle (=penguin), eye, ear, mouth, nose, toes, sock, shoe, boot, cracker, nana (=banana), eat, wawa (=drink/water), baba (=cup/bottle), baby, paci, raffy, this, that, 'scuse you (=excuse you), ess you (=bless you), thank you, please, yuck, ew, no, see ya, go? (=where did it go?), is she? (=where is she?), ball, bow, inside, outside, swing set....
**Here is a video of when you lost a golf ball under the chair in our family room.  You wanted to know where it went.  "Go?" means "Where did it go?"
does she sound like she's British??? {sigh} love her...

  • You know almost all of your body parts, you just don't say all of them yet.
    • We sing head, shoulders, knees, and toes & you think that's very funny.
  • You love to sing & love nursery rhymes.
    • Your favorites are itsy bitsy spider, man in the woods, pat-a-cake, & this little piggy
  • You love to play hide and seek & truly believe that if you can't see us, we cannot see you. "Is she?" you ask when we're looking for you!
  • You love to go to Nonie's and see her horses. Every day, the excitement level you show is as if it's the first time you've ever seen them.
  • YOU LOVE OUTSIDE! you could walk in circles around the house for hours and be perfectly content as long as you are in the outdoors.  When it rains, you just don't understand why you can't play outside.  You cry, "outsiiiide."  

  • You got a new swing set in April.  One of the doctors that I work with was going to get rid of the one that he had at his house & get a new one for his 6 year old granddaughter.  He offered it to us & we graciously accepted it.  We are so blessed to have 2 swings and a slide for you at our house now! You love it!!!  You show it to us every time we drive up to the house & you quickly learned how to say swing set.
  • You are still a picky eater.  You like grapes, apples, bananas, pineapple, oranges, peaches, and sometimes strawberries.  You dislike kiwi, cantaloupe, & honeydew.  You like sweet potatoes, FRIED green beans, corn, carrots, baked beans. We can disguise lots of vegetables in "harvest juice" & the Gerber Grabbers (and similar snacks).  You dislike lots of other things.  You still won't eat meat for us at home.  You evidently will eat it at school, so I just don't worry much over it.  I figure you're getting 1-2 good servings at school & your soy milk and veggies are loaded with protein.  You also get a multivitamin daily.  You LOVE to snack and that is probably putting a damper on your appetite so we try to keep it to a minimum. You love Ocean Spray fruit snacks, raisins, cranberries, yogurt covered dried fruit, pretzels, french fries, yogurt, etc.  You are hit or miss with staples like pizza, grilled cheese, pb&j, etc. so ordering at a restaurant is like gambling at the casino..it's rather fun! :/  however, at home, you are quick to say yes or no to foods when we pull them out for you to eat...so luckily, you are able to help us decide what you will eat for a meal when we're at home rather than wasting food.

  • You're daddy and I were recently discussing how well traveled of a little girl you are for your age.  At 18months, you have already traveled to:
    • Delaware, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, All over the state of South Carolina...you have also obviously driven through multiple other states.
    • this includes several plane trips & multiple long hauls in the car.
    • You are a fabulous car rider. Although you get delirious after ~4 hours and you giggle at anythingggg.  Better than tears!
  • You take 1 nap from 11:30am - 2pm.
  • If you are super sleepy or have played extra hard, you will take another quick nap around 6 or 630pm - 7pm.  
  • You're bedtime is somewhere around 8-830pm.  Although, you put yourself to bed and some nights it could be 730 and some nights it could be 915pm.  What I mean by this is that there is a "switch" that flips in you.  You go from smiley and playful to draggy.  When your daddy and I notice that, we say "is it time for night night?" and if it's not, you say "uh uh" and shake your head no.  So, we let you play some more.  If it is, you grab raffy and head to your crib.  When you go to your room, we change your diaper again to make sure you're dry before bedtime and in your crib you go for prayers, goodnights, and "I love yous."  There are no tears, whines, or any other nonsense. ever.  You are the easiest child ever to put to sleep.  Naps are the same way unless we're out somewhere and you have to nap in the stroller, then you fight some.

  • You hide to potty.  When we ask if you've made a stinky you always say "uh uh" or "no." I'm not sure if that's a girl thing and you're embarrassed or what.  You absolutely know that the stinky is coming, per se, and go hide.  We have talked a lot about the potty and how mommy and daddy stinky on the potty and not in a diaper, but you do not like to sit on your potty for more than a few seconds yet.  We'll keep talking and playing with it....
  • You only get your paci for bedtime.  This has been an ongoing battle. You are bad addicted to your paci.  You are FINE without a paci until you see one.  Then, it's meltdown city.  The daycare has not been giving you a paci for ~2 weeks during naptime.  You transitioned to that just fine.  Now, the big step will be taking them away slowly at nighttime.  For a LONG time, we have had 10+ pacis in your crib at night.  This allows you to find the paci if you wake up during the night.  But, I think I will take 1 away at a time until you just have one for a while.  Then, we will work on taking that one away. I foresee it being a work in progress.
  • You are starting to become a little "mommy."  You began showing interest in taking care of your babies this past month.  You give them their paci and their baba. You pat them on the back, change their diaper, and put them to night night.  You cover them with the blanket and tell them to "shh."  You carry them around on your shoulder and talk on the phone saying "Yo!" (=hello)..You babble for a while saying who knows what, then tell them "Byeeee" and wave to the phone before giving the phone back to me. I love it.
  • You are quite the beautiful little diva.  You put your hands on your hips, tell people or the dogs "mo" when you mean no, point your finger, and shine those baby blues of yours at people to get your way.

Kinsley Anne, 
Your daddy and I have absolutely LOVED watching your personality and vocabulary blossom over the last month.  You are so much fun.  You try our patience, yes, but we wouldn't trade this for the world. We are parents to a very special little girl who has taught us more in the past 18 months than we could have hoped for in decades.  We just wish that we could find a freeze or slow motion button for time.  Always stay true to you Kinsley Anne. This world is constantly trying to influence people to change and conform, but please remember to stay true to your beliefs, no matter how hard that sometimes may be.  We love you always, always, always & forever...to the moon & back.

Love, your mama & daddy

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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