Monday, April 2, 2012

weekend recap in pictures (& some captions)

This beautiful weather has been so good for all of our spirits. We have been able to do so much outside & that makes Kinsley Anne (and us) happy, happy, happy! She says "side" and points to the door and we know that means she wants OUT.

On Friday after school, we played outside with the kitty, dogs, and horses at Nonie's house. Then, we came inside and played with a box. Because that's more fun than any toy that can be bought, right?

On Saturday morning, Kinsley Anne played in the closet while mommy & daddy got ready for the day. Kinsley Anne insists on wearing these boots at least 1/2 the time. I mean, who wouldn't want to wear knee high zebra boots?

After convincing Kinsley Anne that clothes were necessary, we took her to Kyle's company Easter party. She got to go on her first Easter egg hunt!

She did a great job. She loved collecting eggs.
Daddy had a super fun idea when all the eggs had been found - when Kinsley Anne would turn her head, Daddy would throw the eggs from her bucket back out so she could find them again! So exciting!!

She LOVED the Easter bunnies. She gave them both hugs and blew them kisses.
A serious step up from Santa.

On Sunday, we had church in the evening, so after a very long morning nap, we went to a family Easter party. Kinsley Anne was, of course, glammed out.

taking a break for a snack.
There was an Easter egg relay (egg on a spoon) and she watched very carefully from her chair for a few minutes. Then she got up, grabbed a plastic egg, & took off to follow the relay members. She was SO excited that she made it around the tree still holding onto her egg.

I hope everyone had a great & uneventful weekend.

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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