Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kinsley Anne @ 17 months old!

Kinsley Anne, another month has passed! I missed your actual monthly birthday in blogging world, but I was sitting in church on Sunday and pointed to the date on our Sunday bulletin & wrote a note to Daddy, saying "she's 17 months old!" It's hard to believe.

This month has been another tiring month for mommy & daddy because you've been sick again and ultimately landed in the hospital, but we believe healthier months are ahead!

At 17 months you are...

  • between 20.5-22 pounds, depending on if you are healthy & eating or not. [~5-25th%]
  • last time you were measured, you were 31.5in long [~50%]
my long skinny minnie.
we pulled out her 9-12 month jammies when she was sick because everything else swallowed her.
  • wearing size 3 pampers
  • wearing a lot of size 12month clothes but you can also wear 18mo when you're healthy. you have kind of slid backwards in clothing because all of your pants that used to fit in length are now falling off of you in the waist. we need to "beef" you back up....not that you were ever beefy to begin with. thank goodness shorts season is pretty much here, we'll go back to 6-9mo size because of the waist and not have to worry about the length!!
  • so happy despite the hand you were dealt. I am constantly reminded that life can always be worse & Daddy was right when he said that your personality is a lot like a puppy. It doesn't matter how "bad" of a day you should have had because you were sick or in the hospital, you still smile. Now, of course you can be grouchy, as we all can, but you always find reason to smile and make others smile.

who wouldn't smile if their meal was mac n cheese & half of a cookie?
this was her first actual meal after being sick and she was darn happy about it.
we were still in the stage of "feed her anything she'll eat."
  • speaking more & more. you say: Mommy, Daddy, Doggy, Poppy, Puppy, Piper (a dog's name), Kitty, No, Uh Oh, Yea, Uh Uh with a side to side head shake (another version of no), shoe, bubble, fish, horse, moo (cow), hi, hey, hello ("woe?") bye bye, hot, eye, ball, bunny, this, that, woof, and I'm sure I'm forgetting others....
  • loving outside. you love taking walks, love saying hi to the neighbors, love going out into the pasture to see the horses, love sitting on the porch while you terrorize love on the kitty, love taking strolls with no purpose, etc.
  • hating waking up in the morning for school (this has always been an issue & I foresee years of "Kinsley Anne. Get up....NOW." in my future. My parents would quickly say, it's payback time.
  • hating getting your diaper changed. it's a very fast procedure and I try my best to explain that NOBODY likes wet or dirty butts. seriously. but you don't seem to care about my explaining.
  • loving baths. you go get the bubble bath if you want to drop a subtle hint or when we ask you if you want to take a bath, you sometimes will just sit in the middle of the floor and take your shoes off and say YEA! to be more obvious. You are such a little fish. You are not afraid to have the water way up your chest (pediatricians and nurses, oops! you shouldn't have read that!). You lay on your belly and kick your feet. You have goggles but we aren't quite to the point where you like to wear them. You love your bath buddies & your bubbles.

look at that grin! daddy made me a hat!
one of my supervising MDs was jokingly not happy to see how deep the water is in this picture.
but, I will say, we never.ever. [not even for a millisecond] leave her side when she's in the tub.
  • An opinionated fashionista. In the mornings, if I pick something you don't want to wear, you throw a fit. I have to convince you that it's a good outfit. For example, yesterday, I picked out a fun outfit with horses and evidently it was not what you wanted. I had to show you all of the horses on it and distracted you with picking out shoes to match the outfit before you conceded to wearing it. 17 months going on 17 years? what?

ya know, just talking on the phone, watching some 'toons.

teaching avery to say "woe.." who said old (almost 2yrs) dogs can't learn new tricks?!

Kinsley Anne, you have been so much fun to watch this past month. It is incredible how much you are learning and soaking up each moment of every day. Your vocabulary expands daily & your Daddy and I are having fun watching your world just explode. Your personality is also blooming and we are realizing that we have a little girl whose personality is much larger than her very petite body frame!!!! We are in for some fun! We are working hard to make sure that you get healthy sooner rather than later no matter what that means (and much of that simply means praying without ceasing! Jeremiah 30:17) You are our sweet, sweet girl & we are forever grateful that God picked us as your parents. We love you to the moon & back and always will.

your mommy & daddy

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

ps- the next post will be an update on what illnesses brought Kinsley Anne down this past month.

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