Monday, February 20, 2012

Kinsley Anne @ 16 months old!

Kinsley Anne was 16 months old Saturday!! We all had a fun weekend.

Saturday, mommy & daddy took you to the zoo and playground. You LOVE it there. You wore your giraffe bishop to the zoo & everyone ooh-ed & aah-ed over you. One little girl even said, "look mommy! look, there's a princess!" It warmed my heart. You were very independent, wanting to walk around the zoo, NOT sit in a stroller. Afterwards, we played on the playground. You took a nice nap on the way home.

yes, she's eating a corn dog. gag.

At 16mo, you are:
  • weighing between 21 & 22 lbs. our sweet petite girl!
  • tall!
  • wearing size 3 pampers dry max diapers during the day & size 3 nighttime protection at night
  • typically only using a paci if you are not feeling well or in your crib sleeping.
  • sleeping like a charm. I'm not sure how we got lucky like this, but when you are tired, you take off running to your crib, excited to go to sleep. You can easily sleep from 830pm-8am.
  • loving bath time. You don't like to take your clothes off for really any other reason. If I tell you to lay down on your belly and swim like a fish, you will lay on your belly and splash. Your nana, G-Pop, and great nanny saw you swimming in the bathtub on Skype Friday.
  • a good mama to your "friends." You love to be sweet, hug, and kiss your Raffy, stuffed animals, and babies. This morning when you woke up, you had to "love" on every one of your friends before you'd let me pick you up out of your crib. It was so sweet so I couldn't fuss [even though we were late].
  • finding an interest in baby dolls suddenly. You will tote them around and hug them. Your favorite baby has a paci of her own....I think that's why it's your favorite.
  • loving outside. you go to the door & point all of the time. Unfortunately, the weather's been all over the place, so some days it's suitable for playing outdoors but others are cold & dreary.
  • saying lots of words. I always feel like I leave a bunch off of the list, but here are a few.. mama, dada, cat, dog, more, please, bye, hi, horse, fish, moo, i love you, why, this, that...
  • opinionated. we try to ask your opinion whenever possible to let you feel good about making decisions. you frequently shake your head no, but when you really want to do something, you shake it yes, so we know that you know the difference!
  • getting curls BIG time. Your whole head is a mess some days, but I love it.
curls in the tub.
  • giving the best sugars & hugs. when I ask for sugar, you either give me your cheek or a mouth wide open, depending on your mood. you also blow kisses. you give sugar to nana & g-pop on skype too. mouth wide open on the ipad. love.
  • sharing everything [except your mama & daddy]. you try to share your food, your toys, your Raffy for a second or two..I am very proud of you!
  • very ticklish under your arms and on your sides. you don't like your feet messed with, just like your mama.
  • hating meat. that corn dog was the 2nd time i've ever gotten you to eat a hot dog. i rarely am able to get you to eat meat at home. school says you eat some there. who knows?!
  • loving mac 'n' cheese, peaches, oranges, bananas, grapes, peas, carrots, and cheese doodles. {these are your favorites, obviously we prepare you nutritious meals for the most part!}
Kinsley Anne, you are doing so many new things each day. You are like a little sponge, imitating what we do all of the time. We love to spend time with you & we are so incredibly blessed beyond measure to have you in our life. Your daddy & I miss you when we you spend the night away. In one way, it feels like just yesterday we brought you home & in another way, it seems like you've been a major part of our life forever. We want you to know that whatever cards life deals you, we will be here to help you make the best of it! God is great and He has already shown us what huge blessings He can give us by giving us you. We love you to the moon & back, always, always, always & forever.

Love, Mama & Daddy

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