Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kinsley Anne @ 15 months old!

Excuse me while I stop to ask...where did 15 months go?!

yep, Kinsley Anne..that's exactly how I feel. just make time stop for a few minutes.

Kinsley Anne, at 15 months you are...

• Approximately 20 pounds. You had just reached that ~2 weeks ago when we were at the pediatrician for a sinus infection. We go to the doctor Friday for your 15 month well check, so we’ll see how much you’ve grown now that you’re well!
• Approximately 33 inches long. We’ll also get a more accurate measurement for that Friday.
• Wearing size 3 pampers dry max diapers during the day
• Wearing size 3 pampers extra protection diapers during nighttime
• Wearing size 18 month pants, 12, 12-18mo, or 18mo tops & dresses
• Wearing bows & flowers on headbands daily. You can also wear small bows in your hair now. They slide a little bit, but you’re so good about leaving things alone in your hair. I’m proud!!

• Walking & starting to run everywhere.
• A smart little girl. You may not talk TONS, but you sure do understand a lot. We can ask you questions and you shake your head yes or no to answer. There is no denying that you know how to get your way.
• If we ask you if you want to go “night night” and you are tired, you grab Raffy and take off running to your room. We are lucky to have a good sleeper. You go to sleep anywhere from 830-930pm each night and sleep until I wake you up at 7am on weekdays & you wake on your own at~8am on weekends.
• You’re a mini-mom. You love to “clean” & put on “lips” [chapstick]. You can’t get enough of mama lately. A little separation anxiety setting in maybe?

• "Talking on the phone." Today you took Nonie's phone off the base, put it to your ear, ran into your nursery with it, "talked" for a few minutes, then brought it back and tried to put it back on the base. We said that we guess you needed some privacy for your conversation?
• When I ask "How old is Kinsley Anne?" or "Is Kinsley Anne one?" you put up 1 finger on your right hand.
• Saying “uh oh” & “hi” all of the time & here are some of your other favorite words:
o daddy, dog, mama [yes…& in that order], cat, horse, moo, fish, that, this,
• Asking “that?” “this?” allllll of the time. It means “what’s that?” or “what’s this?”
• Loving to “read.” You go get us books and bring them to us, climb in our lap if we’re on the floor, & flip the pages. Your favorite book is, of course, a picture book of animals.
• Starting to tell the dogs no by putting your stop hand up & hitting them on the nose. Your sibling rivalry with them has officially begun. They stole your tiger stuffed animal & the 3 of you wrestled it back and forth for the better part of a day on Monday...

• Trying to use a spoon & fork and loving it...although you are not successfully using them to eat on your own. If we stab the food, you can get it in your mouth by yourself, but you can’t coordinate all of the motions yet on your own.
• Showing mild interest in dolls but only for fleeting moments. You laugh at the dolly who giggles but then push it away like it has gotten on your nerves.
• On weekdays, you get to school at ~740am and eat breakfast. Then you play, read, play on the playground when it’s >40 outside, and do crafts. Lunch is at 11am, nap is from 1130am-2pm, snack is at 230pm, then playtime resumes until mama comes to pick you up. You throw your arms in the air & run to the door with your mouth
• You hate meat. We disguise it in anything & everything we can but we haven’t found good tricks yet. You pick it out of just about everything. Even hot dogs & chicken nuggets!
• You love mac n cheese. If you’re ever refusing to eat a meal, we just make that & usually you’ll eat some of that.

• You’re a great medicine taker now that we have chewable pills, chewable vitamins, & nebulized asthma medicine. No more inhaler! I’ll do a whole post on this.

Kinsley Anne,
I feel like I am easily leaving so much off of the list. You are an incredible delight to be around & you do and learn new things each and every day. You make us laugh and fill our home with such a sweet spirit. We are loving watching you grow & flourish under our care. Each day my heart aches a little when I have to leave you at school since a piece of my heart walks around outside of my body. But I know that you are also learning so much there & adore the interaction you get with other children. I just hope that you will always remember.... we love you to the moon & back. We will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, and forever love you. And that..unlike you, baby girl, will never change.

Mama & Daddy

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