Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Wednesday, we meet again! I have been MIA for the greater part of the last month or more. Man, where did November go?!

Today, I have lots to be loving.

{1} Family (including Kyle's). All of them. What would I do without them?!

{2} That it's officially the Christmas season!

K's gingerbread outfit was a birthday gift from her cousin Kade! SO cute!!

pants are from Pink Pineapple Designs. awesome.
K's Thanksgiving pants were also from her.

{3} That I saw the most beautiful rainbow this week on the way to work. There was no sun, just rain. So, I'm not sure why there was a rainbow, but I told Kinsley Anne how magnificent they were & we took time to soak it in (no pun intended) as we drove to school/work.

{4} Kinsley Anne has gotten such great reports from the doctors recently. You can really tell that she is feeling good & that makes a mama's heart smile.

{5} these adorable finds for K

via {they light up!}

via {dr seuss chuck taylors!}

I hope that everyone is having fun decorating for Christmas. Don't forget to take time to be "thankful" even though Thanksgiving is over! Head over to Jamie's blog & join in WILW!

Until Next Time,
Love, Jen


Simply Amy said...

Hi I am visiting from wilw.

Your baby girl is so cute and has more style then I do. Hope you are having a blessed week!

Vhen said...

beautiful rainbow and all of your photos!

dropping by from the hop!

hope to see you there, thanks!

Beth Ann said...

Oh my- love those little girl Tom's!!!

:) Beth Ann

Sarah said...

Kinsley Anne is so precious! I love her name...and those adorable little shoes!! So cute!

Leslie said...

Aww, your little girl is adorable!! Love your blog too!

Liv Kit @ Simply Sunshine and Daisies said...