Sunday, November 6, 2011

An Unexpected Week & Weekend

So Kinsley Anne has a way of keeping us on our toes! She has had a rough year with her health. She has had numerous bouts of bronchiolitis, pneumonia, sinusy type stuff, allergies, & ear infections. Her first ear infection was the last weekend in July & she has had at least 5 since. Anyway, I had a long discussion with the pediatrician a couple of weeks ago about what the next step should be. She is on Advair daily, Xopenex as needed, Zyrtec daily, and benedryl daily. We talked about the option of going to see an allergist and also about the option of seeing an ENT. We decided to start at the ENT. We went Monday morning (and we had already seen him when she was 4-5 months old for feeding problems due to her nasal congestion). He had scoped her to make sure that her nasal passages were normal size given her other respiratory anomalies (which they were).

At her ENT visit on Monday, it was quickly decided that she met criteria to have tubes placed & her adenoids also needed to be taken out. The surgery would be scheduled for this past Wednesday {commence mama bear panic}. This is one of those times when knowing too much information is not a good thing. I hear all of the horror stories of general anesthesia & intubation & I was just worried sick over what might go wrong. I couldn't fathom handing over my sweet little angel to people I hardly knew to dose medications that her life depended on. But I would have to {commence prayers}.

Because of her lung problems, we were scheduled for an overnight admission following the surgery & we were all less than thrilled about this. However, anything to keep our girl safe & out of harm's way was fine with us. I had already discussed my concerns about her fear of anything medical with the child life specialist team. We arrived at the hospital at 830am. Her last meal was at 9pm the night prior, so needless to say, she was hungry. We all took one for the team & skipped out on breakfast for her sake. We didn't want her to see us with food or drink. We were greeted by a team of people who were such special people. They made us smile & forget our worries for a moment. They asked a bazillion questions, we met her anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist, the nurse took her vitals during lots of bubble blowing by the child life specialist, and finally when she decided she was hungry and nothing we did was going to satisfy that, they gave her some oral Versed & tylenol. She was waving at everything, including the cartoon characters on TV moments later. It warmed this nervous mommy's heart to see her not care anymore {I know, it sounds weird, but I am over seeing her anxious}...

We got our gowns on & her gown on & walked her back {early!!!} and met with her OR nurses who took down my cell phone number. We handed her over to the anesthesiology team (the hardest thing I've done since leaving her in the NICU to go home) and went to the waiting room. The OR nurse called me to let me know when she was asleep (which was within seconds of being there) and then before we knew it, the ENT came out to talk to us. He was glowing with a good report of how well our sweet girl had done. She had an active ear infection & sinus infection and her adenoids were "coated" with stuff. He took a culture of the stuff in her sinuses to make sure he put her on the right antibiotic. Then, minutes later, we were being paged to come back to recovery. She was so pitiful in the recovery room, just wanting to cuddle with her mama. Luckily, they are very nice to babies & we had a private recovery room, complete with rocking chair. So, we just cuddled and rocked until she was ready to peek open those eyes of hers. Once she opened her eyes, they gave her some sugar water in a bottle & she sucked down THREE of them. That's when the good news came. The ENT & anesthesiologist came and signed off on Kinsley Anne to be discharged!!! That's right, to go home! The nurse was totally thrown for a loop. He kept saying, "but she has a room upstairs." And the doctor said, "but I am going to write discharge orders." I kept thinking, this isn't too tough. Cancel the room, we have one for her at home.....duh. But this mom kept her thoughts to herself.

Anyway, we came home and she slept alllll day long. She was back to normal the next day, thankfully. She only required one dose of Tylenol Thursday.

Then Friday hit. She was lethargic, not wanting to do anything. She wanted to lay down all day and she started running a low grade temp. Post-surgical was our first thought. She does have an ear infection, we told ourselves...even though she's almost never run a fever with one before. Then we told ourselves it was teething..after all she did just cut her 5th tooth. But as the day went on, she breathed harder and she seemed more out of it. We just kept giving her Tylenol every 4 hours & I talked to her pediatrician at lunch (we work in the same building and we ran into each other buying our lunch) and she recommended a breathing treatment, so we did that too. She perked up some with that. She was already on antibiotics, after all, so there wasn't much else they would do, right?! Then, Saturday...oh, Saturday, I wouldn't go back to that day. It was hard to watch sweet girl yesterday. She was pitiful & puny. She was whiny & just laid there most of the day. If you laid her on a pillow 0n the floor, I think you would have found her in the same place hours later. Her breathing was still fast & I noticed that as the day went on, she was working harder and harder. She was not eating & she barely would drink. She only peed twice all day. She just wasn't Kinsley Anne. It was scary. She wasn't responding to breathing treatments or Tylenol, so as soon as we ate supper, we went to the pediatric ER. She got taken back 1st and we didn't realize it but we were in for a LONG night.

After another dose of tylenol, continuous vitals monitoring, chest XRay, blood work, a failed IV, and lots of waiting, we decided ultimately that she had one BAD virus. Her temp was 103 when we arrived, along with rapid breathing with retractions & a heart rate of 170+. At 230am, it finally broke to 100.4, the magic number to let us go home. With a broken fever, came lesser breathing, and a lower heart rate, and gooooood rest (finally) for us all. We left at 430am and our beds never felt so good. We all slept until 1045am.

Today, we thank God for keeping us on our toes enough to recognize that Kinsley Anne needed medical attention & protecting Kinsley Anne from worsening faster than we could get her help. We also ask God for help in keeping her well to give her body a chance to heal and rest. She has been through a lot & we just ask that you would help us pray for that!!

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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