Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday yall! Part of me thinks this has been one of the longest weeks ever & part of me is surprised it's Wednesday that possible?! Anyway...Here is what I'm loving today! {join in with us over here!}

{1} my awesome husband. he has been so busy the last few weeks but I will be glad to have him back after this weekend. Kinsley Anne and I have been trying to fill the time while I he has been busy but our life sorta feels empty without seeing him as much as normal! She now calls him "daddy" instead of "dada" and it is much more purposeful. When she sees him, she lights up and calls for him. It's adorable & it melts me.

{2} this sweet girl. she is SO good about leaving all of the obnoxious bows on her head, but she was not loving this sweet hat that I got for her. when the temps dropped, I thought it was time to get mittens & a hat, but she wasn't real excited about that.

enjoying a birthday cupcake

{3} that now that Kinsley Anne is in 1 yr old class, she has "real" art work sent home with her regularly. This was her "sponge art."

{4} The fall weather...just beautiful. The leaves are starting to change & it's crisp in the morning (need-a-jacket-kind-of-weather) but it's still making it to the 70s & 80s by the afternoon & K can still play on the playground!!!

{5} Clemson is #5!!!
{6} With the help of my faith, family, friends, & my doctors, I am starting to feel better. Day by day, I'm getting more energy & having a more positive outlook. So, thank you for the many prayers, phone calls, cards, & emails. I'm well on my way!

What are you loving today?

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen


Kit said...

Great loves

Anonymous said...

I love what you're loving today! Hope you have a wonderful day! Come say hi!