Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hey Yall!
I have drafted several birthday posts & am well on my way to having those done. I need to upload lots of pictures & then I will get them out to by one. Sorry for the wait. We had so much fun!

However, today is Wednesday already and that means it's time for What I'm Lovin' Wednesday! On Monday, I posted about all of the fall things that get me in the mood for the fall season, but in general, here the things I'm loving today..

{1} This man and all he does for our little family. He is working so hard to make a name for himself. He is determined, honest, innovative, loyal, & Kinsley Anne just adores him (as do I, of course!).

{2} Kinsley Anne. She is SO.MUCH.FUN. She is full of love, hugs, & giggles right now. She thinks everything is absolutely amazing. She is a sponge. I swear she is on the verge of a vocabulary explosion. She sort of "sings" her monosyllables. She sounds a bit like a monkey, but we love her for it. She LOVES my iphone & I highly recommend the "rattle" app. It's the first child app that I've bought & it has been worth every penny of $1.99. She learned it fast & anytime she sees my phone, she now grabs it & shakes it because she thinks it will sing to her, vibrate, and make animal noises, like that app does.
Sitting in the publix car buggy for the first time & loving it.
she is a very serious driver though.

{3} Kinsley Anne's teachers. You may think, "what could an infant teacher possibly teach?" But Kinsley Anne knows multiple signs in ASL including "all done, bye bye, more," etc and has been nurtured very similarly to as she would have been at home. I know we pay nearly an arm & a leg to send her to a private day care establishment, but I have not had to spend 5 minutes worrying about her well being. She has been so happy each day when I pick her up, they have administered medications to her safely & effectively (including over-the-counter medications, breathing treatments, inhalers, antibiotics, thrush meds, yeast infection ointments, you name it). I really take my hat off to her day care & I teared up when I handed her infant teachers these gifts as a token of appreciation for nurturing her through her first year of life. Over the last 2 weeks, she has been "transitioning" into her next daycare room, the 1 year old class. This transition will finish over the next 2 weeks, basically leading up to her birthday. I can't thank them enough. I also gave these gifts to her 1 year old teachers because a little extra love to her teachers never hurt ;)

I, of course, got the idea from pinterest. The containers are from walmart ($0.97), I had the ribbon already, I had the scrapbook paper already, and I printed the little saying & picture off of the computer!! Ta-da! They all loved it.

{4} Pinterest. I mean, what's not to love?
{5} That my headaches are finally getting under control. I have only taken an as needed headache medication once in 2 weeks. that is huge-a-mongous for me. I was taking one more days than not for a if I could get off of 1 of the 3 daily preventive medications I'm taking for the headaches..............I'm down to half dose on 1, I'm making progress, people.
{6}Fall clothes! ah.

all via pinterest {see #4}

I hope that everyone has a great day & that everything just seems to go your way today!

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen


Caroline said...

I love all of your fashion picks!

Anonymous said...

I love your pininterest finds! Especially the first one, and the (2nd to last?) one with the scarf! So cute!!

Shari said...

That's such a sweet gift for your daughter's teachers. Pinterest is the best for finding that kind of stuff. :)

BeckyJo606 said...

I love your fashion picks--they are so pretty! I also think you are so sweet for giving your daughters' teachers such sweet gifts. I'm sure they appreciate being rewarded for a job well done! :)

lolly said...

Cute photos! I'm still trying to get addicted to Pinterest, haha. I like it but I feel like I have so many websites to check already daily... oye!