Sunday, October 16, 2011

she had her cake & ate it too!

If you are just joining in this week, check out here, here, & here for earlier birthday week posts! Today is all about the cake! Kinsley Anne thoroughly enjoyed her cake and we are so glad. I wanted it to be pretty, but also delicious! I had the hardest time deciding where to get it but finally just decided to go with a good old Publix sheet cake. When you get a full custom sheet cake, they give you a "free" smash cake with it. The only "must have" thing for me was the giraffe print along the sides of the cake. I also really wanted green grass and textured leaves on the trees, but those were not 100% necessary. The ladies at Publix didn't disappoint though! Here it is...

a full sheet cake.

her smash cake

mama had to give her some help to get started. she wasn't sure that it was ok to be messy.

still just not so sure...
maybe this is good after all..


Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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