Monday, October 17, 2011

It's My Party!

It's officially birthday week!! It is so hard to believe that we will be parents to a one year old tomorrow. In honor of birthday week, I will post all of her birthday party posts this week with a milestone post tomorrow on her actual birthday!

Kinsley Anne's birthday party was on October 1st & although there was a lot of hard work involved, she and the party were all very well worth it. The only snag in the event was the gusts of wind that occasionally blew. So, we had to tie knots in some of the table cloths & staple gun others to tables. For the same reason, the balloon centerpieces wouldn't stay in place, but we just rolled with the punches & it turned out great!!

The party planning began when a lightbulb went off regarding the theme...Kinsley Anne's beloved 'raffy the giraffe' blankie. The next step was, of course, dressing my sweet girl. When I decided on the Mud Pie Wild Child outfit, this helped further narrow in on her "theme."

the website model. is she not a doll?!

it was a teensy bit chilly at first. so she wore her puffy vest until the sun shined through.
thanks bradys!

I thoroughly enjoyed planning this party (perhaps more than I should have?) so much. I had a few ideas right off the top of my head that I wanted to pursue. The first was a candy bar. Turns out its actually several hundred dollars to do if you stick to theme appropriate I resorted to Hobby Lobby to come up with an alternative choice. I used apothecary jars and non-traditional Christmas colored garland for food table decor! I also stuck to the appropriate colors for tableware from tablecloths, to plates, to napkins, to cups. I somehow or another ended up with not one up-close picture of the food table. This is as good as it gets, sorry!

I used Crystal Light Mocktails Mojito for just the right shade of blue-green drink.
we also served tea & water. for food, we served pulled pork, baked beans, slaw, and chips.
kyle slow cooked the pulled pork over coals for 12 hours. it was SO tasty.

The second craft that I knew that I wanted to do was some type of birthday banner. I used my sis-in-law's crafty help to create this..."Happy Birthday Kinsley!"
hahahaha! look closely. we did HAPPY backwards.
then, we flipped it over and died laughing. REDO.

the banner flapping in the breeze.

I also had paper lanterns hanging in the pecan tree outside. We had to used a forklift to put them up. My husband took a gun outside & shot the strings to get them down. Yes, it's official. We're country.

After hours on pinterest, I also got the itch to create a theme-appropriate wreath for the front door. This is how it turned out....

I was also excited about how the cake came out. I wanted giraffe print around the sides of the cake & I wanted a giraffe on top. Really, that's the only requirements that I demanded. Publix came up with the rest. I requested that it not be too "jungly" as this was not a monkeys, hippo, giraffe, and lions kind-of-a-party. They laughed at me.

I wanted custom invitations as well. Not really for any other reason but that I couldn't find anything in stores that I liked. I contacted someone on Etsy but was frustrated with the more-than-slow response that I got. So, I made them myself. I took Kinsley Anne out to the pasture, snapped pictures of her with color coordinated balloons & her in her party outfit & created this on the computer...
She's cute & sweet
and so much fun...
Miss Kinsley Anne is turning ONE!

Kinsley Anne was also spoiled rotten with gifts. That child needs NOTHING. Thank you to absolutely everyone for everything. She has so enjoyed playing with all of her new toys. Her curiosity has gone to new levels & it is so interesting to watch her learn new things with these toys.

resting on her raffy pillow pet

wearing a new headband that matches the tutu as seen on the right of the picture.
and kinsley anne also got a new, monogrammed raffy, that she can now safely take to school!!

kade & kinsley anne were dancing to and investigating the vtech crazy legs ladybug

the perfect shirt for kinsley anne. "i like big bows & i cannot lie"

Happy Birthday Week, Kinsley Anne! We love you!!!!!

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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