Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kinsley Anne!!

This morning last year, we were preparing to welcome a little girl into our world. We woke up into a hospital room after many long nights with renewed excitement. Today would be a long day, but absolutely & totally well worth it. It would be the beginning of a long, winding road with many ups & downs that would lead us to today. At 2:54pm on October 18, 2010, we welcomed our own little miracle into our lives. Kinsley Anne, Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

birthday breakfast at school this morning {such a big girl sitting at the table!}

Kinsley Anne, at 1 year old, you are a joy. sweet & pure joy. You are:
  • 19 lbs, 14.5oz
  • 31.5inches long as of a couple of weeks ago, but you have continued to grow. you are one long legged girl like your mama!
  • wearing a size 3 diaper
  • wearing size 12 and size 18mo clothes. really, you can still wear size 6-9mo shorts for waist size (and did this weekend), but you need 12-18mo length in pants so that they don't look like high-waters.
  • wearing an abundance of bows. you never cease to amaze people with your collection. a girl can never have too many!
  • the most stylish girl around if I do say so myself.
  • please take note of her baby gap denim jacket. LOVE. thanks aunt lori!

  • walking everywhere. you are actually working on a run. i think you'll have it down within the next 2-4 weeks (but that's just mama instinct. i could be very wrong).
  • never crawling anymore.
  • standing indefinitely.

  • loving animals of all kinds. especially horses, giraffes, dogs, and cats. but you get a rise out of seeing any furry creature. i took you to the zoo & you were just amazed.
  • you feed the horses with Nonie every chance you get. She usually rides the golf cart out to the pasture to do this, so when you see golf carts, you wave & get excited thinking you're gonna go feed horses. It's cute but sad at the same time because mommy knows you're soon going to be disappointed.
  • you love on your stuffed animals by hugging them to your ear and rocking them. You have this little sway to your hips that I'm not sure where you picked up...but one day, you will be the best little mama there is rockin' your baby to sleep...one day far, far, down the road once you find the man of your dreams!

you were not at all afraid of the citadel bulldog. just upset that he left you eventually.
he played peekaboo with you and everything. great mascot!
  • loving baths. it doesn't matter if you slip and get a mouth full of water, you might look a little surprised at first but you come up happy.
  • loving musical anything. you are a dancing machine. you have this noticeable be-bop to you when anything with music starts playing...including the final jeopardy song haha
  • loving toys that you have to "figure out." you were given a little trash truck that you have to put little colored balls into the back of & then you roll it to spit the balls back out to you. This week, it clicked for you & now you love playing with it. You also think it's pretty hilarious if the balls roll across the floor & the dogs go crazy in the house.
  • you LOVE feeding the dogs. While sitting in your high chair, you lean way over to the side & wait for them to snag food from your hand. You keep eye contact with us the whole time because you know we're going to tell you "No."
  • you say dada, mama, nana, stop, horse, sisses (which indicates pretty much any animal), fish, no, and maybe some others that I can't remember right now!
  • you sign "all done" & "stop"
  • giving "sugars" when we ask for some {mama begs often}. you open your mouth wide open for that sugar and it sure is sweet!
  • skyping with Nana & Gpop to allow them to see you grow. We don't do it as often as we should but we aim for once every week to every other week. I know this distance is hard on them!!!
you were over picture taking...but you were still looking cute!

  • you've had your fair share of illness. we are praying for a more uneventful year. we are praying for health, growth, & strength.

  • you take 1 nap a day on a nap pad at school. it is from 1130am-2pm. you sometimes sneak in a little 30 minute nap at the end of the day.
  • you are officially in the 1 year old class at school full time. you LOVE it. you are the best at adapting to change. there have been some other kids in your class moving at the same time as you & the teachers say they have had a harder time than you. your new teachers names are miss kayla & miss megan. they love on you & are so very good with you. i couldn't be more pleased.
  • you get to play on the playground outside at school. this is the highlight of your day.

Kinsley Anne,
You are the sunshine in our life even when work is stressful, life gets tough, & bills roll in. It does not matter what has gone on during the day, when I pick you up from school or daddy walks in the door, you make us smile, big & w i d e. You have been the best thing to happen to us. I want you to know that when the journey of life gets bumpy & there seem to be more clouds and rain than sun, you can always count on your family. We will always be here for you. You have an extensive family that loves you unconditionally & wants nothing but the very best for you. We take a big sigh of relief that we have all made it through your first year with relatively few bumps & bruises. But at the same time, we look back at this past year & cringe a little at the moments that flew past all too quickly....The first days in the NICU when we were scared to pick you up out of the isolette because of the IVs, wires, & cords...The first days at home that were a little blurry with visitors, incessant hand washing, & doctors visits...the millions of snuggles & kisses...the many firsts of smiling, rolling over, holding your head up, sitting, scooting, crawling, cooing, giggling, "talking," standing, steps, walking. I just can't wait to see how many firsts this second year holds. Baby, it is impossible to put into words the love that we hold in our hearts for you, but this same thing will always be true: We will always, always, always, & forever love you...to the moon & back.

Love, Mama & Daddy

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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