Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kinsley Anne @ 10 months old!!!!!!

Kinsley Anne,
Today you are 10 months old. Just 2 short months away from becoming a one year old. It is so incredibly hard to believe. Each day that I look at you, I am seeing more & more of a toddler & less & less of a baby. It's hard on me, but I am feeling just so incredibly blessed that you have continued to develop..and on target, nonetheless.

Here is what you are up to at 10 months of age...
  • at your 9 month well visit (which was really only last week), you weighed 17# 15oz (~35%)
  • you were 28.5in long (~72%)
  • you are walking with a walking toy or alongside a couch. you are starting to walk if we hold 1 of your hands.
  • you can stand for ~10+ seconds alone
you like looking out the door windows to find your puppies
  • you crawl at supersonic speeds
  • you think it's a game when we open a cabinet or the refrigerator. you crawl as fast as you can to get there & try to pull as many things out as possible.
  • you have learned which cabinet has all of your food in it. it's at your level, which may not have been the best idea on our behalf.
you are a good nap taker & love school. here you are in your daycare crib!
that paper next to your name is your "curriculum" which gets changed weekly.
  • you started saying "dada" yesterday & "gaga" the day before. I had actually started to get concerned that you weren't yet "talking" aside from your "ahh's" but you proved me to be a worry wart for nothing!
  • you LOVE LOVE LOVE "Raffy," your Giraffe Angel Dear blankey. Therefore, your 1st birthday party will be Raffy themed.
  • loving table food. your schedule looks like this:
8am - eat breakfast at school & take a small bottle (max: 4oz)
11am - eat lunch at school & take a small bottle (max: 4oz)
230pm - eat a snack at school & take a small bottle (max: 4oz)
5pm - eat a small bottle (max: 4oz)
~630pm - eat supper at home
7pm - eat a bigger "night" bottle (~6-8oz)
  • absolutely loving bath time. you have never minded being wet, but now, you LOVE to "swim" and splash. It's really a hoot to watch. You splash gently and then all of a sudden you smack your hand into the water, which in turn, splashes you in the face, and you just blink a couple of times, and go right back to it! We could literally dump a bucket of water on your head, and you wouldn't cry one just blink it off!
  • you aren't a big fan of pajamas. you sleep in just a diaper most nights.
  • you still love your paci, but generally only have it for naps, nighttime, or in the evening shortly before you go to bed when you are at your slightly "whiney" time.
Kinsley Anne,
You are just the bright spot in our day. We both so look forward to seeing you after work each day. You light up when you see both of us & it is so much fun to watch you learn each day. We cannot wait (or maybe we can?!) to watch you in the next few months as you go through so many changes. As you begin to walk, talk, and change from our sweet 1st born baby girl to our charming 1st born little girl. We love you to the moon and back, ALWAYS.ALWAYS.ALWAYS.&FOREVER.

Love, your mama & daddy

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

ps-sorry that I don't have tons of new pictures today. I need to upload a bunch from my big camera & lately, I feel like I've been taking more videos than pictures.
Anyone know how to get the iphone videos to upload via blogger? they don't seem compatible since they're .MOV files?!

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