Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

3 years ago, I stood in front of 200 family members and friends, expressing to Kyle how much I loved him & promising, before God, that we would stand by each other's side through everything! I am the proud wife to a man's man..The pillar of our family..The strength & courage of our duo..The "Dave Ramsey" of our relationship..The best teacher to our little girl..My best friend through wonderful times as well as serious illness, international travel, the pregnancy & delivery of our sweet baby girl, the scary NICU stay & pure joy of our daughter, and the day-to-day in between. I cannot fathom spending my life with anyone else. Happy Anniversary Kyle!

This past weekend, Kyle's parents kept Kinsley Anne & we were off for a little anniversary adventure. Kyle planned it all, so I can't take any credit.

First, we went to Asheville (after all, it's practically in our backyard!). Kyle had signed us up for an off road Segway tour at the Biltmore. You can find out more on how to join in on an activity like that, here. We had a BLAST! The tour was about 2.5 hours, including ~30 minutes of "training." We even learned an "emergency dismount." Luckily, that skill was not needed. It was neat to be able to tour parts of the Biltmore grounds that are not typically seen.

just call us mall cops!

how neat would it be to look out your house and say, "yea, I own as far as you can see."

After we segwayed ourselves to death, we went to the farmhouse. We visited with all of the Biltmore critters. Then, after sufficiently scrubbing our hands raw with soap, we left the farmhouse & ate lunch.

an angora goat named Mo. I loved this guy!

We ate at Cedric's, named after the Vanderbilt's beloved St. Bernard. The food was great & the company was fantastic ;)

After stuffing ourselves to oblivion, we got back in the car & headed toward Greenville. Kyle got us reservations at a hotel downtown. Even though we are in Greenville very frequently, it was great to "get away" there & just relax. We were able to enjoy the HUGE hotel suite that Kyle got us and the downtown life that Greenville has to offer. We even cashed in on a gift certificate to a sushi restaurant downtown that we had gotten from a very kind friend for Christmas! I made the pitiful mistake of wanting to watch a movie in the room Saturday night. I chose "Life as You Know It." It was such a good movie, but I was in tears because it made me miss Kinsley Anne. It's hard to be away from a baby girl who is like your own heart crawling around outside of your body. Nonetheless, I survived (and she didn't knwo the difference!). Sunday, we were able to sleep in & slowly but surely, made it back home.

It was a refreshing trip away from reality. Here's to another 3 years and many more, Kyle. I love you to the moon & back!!!

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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