Wednesday, July 20, 2011

God Gave Me You..

I am still recovering from our almost-week-long trip up to Delaware & Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago! It was so much fun, but definitely exhausting. We left home on a Tuesday, after I got off of work, & decided to drive until it was "bedtime" for K. Around 8pm, Kinsley Anne started to get fussy, so we pulled off at Cracker Barrel. I am not the biggest lover of their food, but they do have some amazing hash brown casserole! And, the environment of Cracker Barrel was just perfect for a baby. She got to "yell" a little without being noticed in the restaurant & ate her supper. Then, when it was time for her bottle, we were finished our meal & I sat out front in a rocking chair and rocked her to sleep. Back into the car we went after our pit stop & Kinsley Anne slept for the greater part of our 12 hour drive. It usually is less than 12 hours, but we were parked (and I mean, we really put our car in park) on I-95 for more than an hour due to a wreck involving ~3 cars and a tractor trailer. We arrived at my parents house at 5am, when the sun was coming up.

Wednesday, we enjoyed the day by going into Philadelphia and walking around. We enjoyed lunch at the Reading Terminal Market. This is a really neat place to go if you are in town! They have a vast array of eateries to purchase meals and treats from. Many of the merchants are Pennsylvania Dutch and can be found wearing their traditional garb...and yes, you can even get a coveted Philadelphia Cheesesteak. Kyle & I actually prefer this place rather than the famous Pat's & Geno's.. I know, call us crazy. We also went to visit the Liberty Bell and walked around historic district for a while.

On Thursday, we had a very eventful day. It started out with a trip to Cabela's. That is where I picked up a Mountain Hard Wear jacket for half price! There were lots of animal mounts...moose, rhino, elephant, deer, elk, you name it...the store was even complete with a stream & mini-aquarium in it. After Cabela's it was onto Hershey Park! It is truly the sweetest place on Earth!

I grew up going there every year & it was WONDERFUL to be back! They had a few new rides & I am a roller coaster junkie. One of their newest rides was called Farenheit...

and yes, that is Kyle & I in the front row!!!

We did the sunset pass from 5-10pm and it was perfect!! We went on every coaster that we wanted to ride (all but 2 or 3) at least once and we also found time for the old fashioned cars & a water ride!

Friday, we got our nails done & we went to a special lunch with Ash. We had some down time & I was able to catch up with one of my best friends, Brandon, from high school. It was great to see him & he and his new FIANCE, Jamie, will likely be tying the knot next year! I am so very excited for them!!! The rehearsal (after a twisty, topsy turvy car ride) and rehearsal dinner went fabulously. I even survived my public speaking moments.

Then, on Saturday was the big day!!! We started by getting hair done at Ashley's parent's house. Once we were all prettied up (and fed!), we headed to the country club. We got dressed there & finished primping. Then, at 6pm sharp, it was time to get the show started! Ashley looked drop dead gorgeous (and for a girl who doesn't love dressing up, she sure looked like a pro!). Ryan (kyle's brother) looked pretty darn handsome as well.

Every detail of the wedding came together flawlessly. They had a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky.

My sweet girl had pneumonia, but still looked as pretty as could be!

Kinsley Anne & Kade had a great time...before they both crashed.

The newlyweds cutting their awesome cake!

Here's to your happily ever after!!

and next up......

haha, Kyle's youngest brother, Clay, and his girlfriend Tory caught the garter & bouquet. They did a very special dance to celebrate! :)

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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