Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hey Yall,
I have been slacking on blog posts, but I have one coming up on my almost-week long vacation up to Delaware/Pennsylvania for Kyle's brother's wedding and I will have one soon about my week at the lake with family as well. But, in the meantime, here is what I'm Loving this Wednesday:
{1} Spending time with my family!

this little girl is loving her fruit!

{2} That I am off tomorrow & Friday!

{3} These dresses, that are totally wearable for work or play!

via, which is very reminiscent of a dress I talked about here.

{4} My 1st shellac manicure..that is now 2 weeks old and still flawless!

{5} and one thing that I'm not loving, is that Sonic got rid of their apple juice slush!!!!

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

God Gave Me You..

I am still recovering from our almost-week-long trip up to Delaware & Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago! It was so much fun, but definitely exhausting. We left home on a Tuesday, after I got off of work, & decided to drive until it was "bedtime" for K. Around 8pm, Kinsley Anne started to get fussy, so we pulled off at Cracker Barrel. I am not the biggest lover of their food, but they do have some amazing hash brown casserole! And, the environment of Cracker Barrel was just perfect for a baby. She got to "yell" a little without being noticed in the restaurant & ate her supper. Then, when it was time for her bottle, we were finished our meal & I sat out front in a rocking chair and rocked her to sleep. Back into the car we went after our pit stop & Kinsley Anne slept for the greater part of our 12 hour drive. It usually is less than 12 hours, but we were parked (and I mean, we really put our car in park) on I-95 for more than an hour due to a wreck involving ~3 cars and a tractor trailer. We arrived at my parents house at 5am, when the sun was coming up.

Wednesday, we enjoyed the day by going into Philadelphia and walking around. We enjoyed lunch at the Reading Terminal Market. This is a really neat place to go if you are in town! They have a vast array of eateries to purchase meals and treats from. Many of the merchants are Pennsylvania Dutch and can be found wearing their traditional garb...and yes, you can even get a coveted Philadelphia Cheesesteak. Kyle & I actually prefer this place rather than the famous Pat's & Geno's.. I know, call us crazy. We also went to visit the Liberty Bell and walked around historic district for a while.

On Thursday, we had a very eventful day. It started out with a trip to Cabela's. That is where I picked up a Mountain Hard Wear jacket for half price! There were lots of animal mounts...moose, rhino, elephant, deer, elk, you name it...the store was even complete with a stream & mini-aquarium in it. After Cabela's it was onto Hershey Park! It is truly the sweetest place on Earth!

I grew up going there every year & it was WONDERFUL to be back! They had a few new rides & I am a roller coaster junkie. One of their newest rides was called Farenheit...

and yes, that is Kyle & I in the front row!!!

We did the sunset pass from 5-10pm and it was perfect!! We went on every coaster that we wanted to ride (all but 2 or 3) at least once and we also found time for the old fashioned cars & a water ride!

Friday, we got our nails done & we went to a special lunch with Ash. We had some down time & I was able to catch up with one of my best friends, Brandon, from high school. It was great to see him & he and his new FIANCE, Jamie, will likely be tying the knot next year! I am so very excited for them!!! The rehearsal (after a twisty, topsy turvy car ride) and rehearsal dinner went fabulously. I even survived my public speaking moments.

Then, on Saturday was the big day!!! We started by getting hair done at Ashley's parent's house. Once we were all prettied up (and fed!), we headed to the country club. We got dressed there & finished primping. Then, at 6pm sharp, it was time to get the show started! Ashley looked drop dead gorgeous (and for a girl who doesn't love dressing up, she sure looked like a pro!). Ryan (kyle's brother) looked pretty darn handsome as well.

Every detail of the wedding came together flawlessly. They had a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky.

My sweet girl had pneumonia, but still looked as pretty as could be!

Kinsley Anne & Kade had a great time...before they both crashed.

The newlyweds cutting their awesome cake!

Here's to your happily ever after!!

and next up......

haha, Kyle's youngest brother, Clay, and his girlfriend Tory caught the garter & bouquet. They did a very special dance to celebrate! :)

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

What I'm Loving Wednesday

{1} That we had a fabulous trip to DE/PA and back. I don't think it could've possibly been better or more fun. We got to do lots of fun things & the wedding was flawless. I also survived another public speaking matron of honor speech! Tears were involved, but I survived! :)

{2} That we were able to split up our drive home by staying in Durham on hotel points. Kyle's trip to China is still paying off!!

{3} This Mountain Hard Wear Monkey Women's jacket. I picked this jewel up in the Cabela's bargain cave for half price! Score!

{4} These Jessica Simpson Collection lovelies...Have I mentioned that her heels are by far, the most comfortable that I've found?!

{5} That this week & next are both short weeks for me. I have been anemic for the last month & this exhaustion is absolutely killing me!

Anddd...what are you loving this Wednesday?! Hop over to Jamie's blog & join in the fun!

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

Kinsley Anne @ 9 months..

Kinsley Anne,
On Monday, you turned 9 months old. That's 3/4 of a year, folks! We're on the downhill slide to a year & that is hard to believe for this mama. You have been SO much fun the last month but are keeping your mom & dad very busy. Here is what you're up to...
  • just starting to wear a size 3 diaper. Although we still have some size 2's that we're finishing up and those still fit as well.
  • wearing size 9 month clothes & occasionally you wear a size 12 month outfit. 12 month dresses hang on your shoulders like "sexy clothes" but the 12 month pants are a pretty good fit.
  • weighing ~17# (25%)
  • measuring ~28in (75%)
  • getting into everything! you crawl very quickly but would rather have your feet up under you as if to walk on all fours rather than crawl in a typical fashion.
  • you pull up to a stand on anything & everything.
  • you have also hit a stage where you like to climb on top of things. (ie, the suitcase laying on the ground, boxes that are on the floor, etc)
  • you are a great car rider, but our 10 hour trip was just not fun for anyone.
look at that pointed toe! this child's bound to be a dancer, I think.
  • you LOVE "raffy," your angel dear lovey as seen in the picture above. we don't leave the house without him. you really do not fall asleep well without your paci & raffy.
  • you are a trooper. you have dealt with a lot of sickness & you are the happiest sick baby I know.
  • you love water. you could literally play in the bath for hours if we let you. last night, you tried to lay your head down in the water when you got tired. I guess we need to teach you that bath water is not a good pillow.
  • some of your favorite toys are: keys, bath toys, musical walk behind toy, and any kind of power cord you can get your hands on (eek!)
  • you still let me put any kind of headband or bow on your head & unless you're tired, you leave them alone! everyone is always amazed by this.
  • you love your puppies. when we ask where your puppies are and make barking noises, even if you're mid-temper tantrum, you stop, smile, & look around.
  • you are starting to become a daddy's girl...with the exception of yesterday. typically, you reach for daddy when he comes into your sight. you whine until he picks you up. you smile and laugh when he plays hide & seek with you. however, yesterday, you wanted mommy and only mommy. i know it must warm his heart when you do those things with him because yesterday, it made me feel extra special that you wanted mama cuddle time.
  • you still play "pick a paci" most nights. when we lay you in your crib at night, even if you're asleep when we lay you down, most of the time, you sit back up and try out each & every paci in the crib before finding the right one.
  • you usually take 2 good naps/day but you have days where you just cat nap on & off. Your most consistent nap time is 10am.
  • you are all thrown off on bedtime because of our recent trip. You were previously asleep by 8pm every night. However, the last 2 nights, you have gone to sleep at 7pm, woke back up at 730pm, and stayed up until ~9pm when you go back down for the night. You really like your sleep, so I won't be surprised if you eventually go back to your 8pm bedtime.
  • you usually wake up in the morning between 630-7am.
  • you are the ultimate snuggler first thing in the AM.
  • you are not yet saying any words, still just babbling and "singing" to us.

Kinsley Anne,
9 months...really? I can't believe before I blink my eyes you will be transitioning from being a baby to being a toddler. How & when did this happen? You are such an incredible joy to be around. You are developing such a personality & have let us know that when you want something, you will, without a doubt, let us know what it is that you want. I cannot believe that I will soon begin planning your 1st birthday. We love you more than I knew was humanly possible. When I was watching Aunt Ash & Uncle Ryan get married last weekend, I couldn't help but daydream about the day that you walk down the aisle. I didn't let my thoughts wander too far or else my table would have been soaked with tears. We pray for you regularly, that you would grow up to be an intelligent, independent, & poised young woman who one day comes to know the love of a wife & mother. We look forward to seeing where life will lead you..but for now, we'll just see to it that pneumonia leaves you the heck alone. We love you to the moon & back...always, always, always, & forever.

Love, Mama and Daddy.

Monday, July 11, 2011

breaking news!

I took Kinsley Anne to her pulmonologist for routine followup today. It happened to be very timely since she was diagnosed with pneumonia ~1.5 wks ago. He pulled her XRay up on the computer to take a peek for himself. He said, had it not been for the pneumonia, he would've thought it would be too soon to see any improvement in lung size. However, upon pulling up the xray, he quickly retracted his statement. Her lung has grown...substantially!!! The left lung now has 2 lobes!!! This may seem "normal" and therefore not a big deal for most. But we never thought that her lung would resemble normal. Thank you for anyone who has prayed for this. I am hopeful that she will have a near-full size lung by the time it stops growing at 6 years of age! yayyyy. Keep praying...because that's the only explanation for such big growth in a little bit of time! As her pediatrican has said, "Kinsley Anne didn't read the books before entering this world!"

our march of dimes team (..some of her biggest prayer warriors!)

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

Thursday, July 7, 2011

One Sick Baby..

I had big plans last Friday to go shopping at two boutiques for Kinsley Anne on Friday after work. I had plans to get her a dress for the wedding at one of the stores & I had been eyeing a cute crab outfit for 4th of July for her at the other. These plans were quickly halted when I went to pick K up from daycare. I walked in and was greeted by the words, "Jen, Kinsley's just not acting right." I asked how so & they said that she just wanted to be cuddled all day. I asked "where is she?" not seeing her crawling around in the toys like she normally is. They pointed to her crib & there was my sweet baby, just laying on her tummy, covered in a blanket, staring at me with big sad eyes. I asked if they took her temp & they said that it had just recently been 100.4. I got on the phone with the pediatrician while I packed things up & headed over to the pediatrician's office.

I don't like to see my girl sick, but it sure does make her 1 heck of a good cuddler!

By the time we got there, her temp was 101 & she was pale. They hooked her up to the O2 Sat & it was 94%. They tried multiple other times & could only get 94-95%. That's when I knew we would be there a while. The doctor came in, did her exam and found no ear infection, red throat, etc. When I undressed K to weigh her, I had also noticed a little rash on her trunk and upper thighs. Dr. M said that it was likely a virus but since they couldn't find a source for fever, she wanted to rule out a UTI. My sweet girl had to be cathed, which of course she hated, but the urine was negative. Then, we went back and forth....probably a virus because of the rash, but should we get a chest XRay? Dr. M said she felt like her lung sounds were diminished on the left (which isn't shocking considering that's her smaller-than-normal lung). She eventually said that she wouldn't sleep at night if she didn't get the xray. So, we got that done, and returned to the peds office again. Pneumonia... yep, my little K has pneumonia. We started antibiotics that night & also started up her breathing treatments again. How did this happen in July?!

not the greatest picture, but you can see the rash that spread to her face

Her rash got worse as the weekend went on & on Monday, we returned to the pediatrician. By this point, her rash had some petechiae. We had to get some blood work as a result but everything turned out great. She had pneumonia with a virus on top of it that caused her rash. Poor, pitiful girl.

& now I'm back to being a happy girl!

All in all, she is MUCH better. More playful, the rash is finally subsiding (today is day 7 of the rash), and she is just getting breathing treatments as she needs them. She gets "rechecked" by the pediatrician tomorrow & she goes to see her pulmonologist Monday as a routine followup (timely, right?!). I don't think there is any hope of her weaning from her Advair soon after this little episode....oh well, we'll do whatever it takes to keep our girl happy & healthy!

Until Next Time...
Love, Jen

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

{1} I am loving the short week! It's already Wednesday!!!!!

{2} I am loving that my sweet girl is feeling better! More on that tomorrow.

{3} I am loving my sweet girl & my sweet man!

{4} I am loving this store: Pink On Main, A Lilly Pulitzer Via Shop. Kyle bought me this dress for my birthday. I have big plans to wear it next Friday...

Del Mar Dress Printed in Lillys Pink Big Squeeze - Click Image to Close

{5} I am loving my new sunglasses. Kyle also bought them for my birthday... I sure am a spoiled woman!

Vela VL

{6} I am loving that my birthday is this Friday! I am not big on having to do anything crazy or special for my birthday, but I like that it's my day! (and my sister's hubs & my aunt's!)

{7} I am loving that I'm headed north soon for my husband's brother's wedding. He's marrying one of my bridesmaids...a friend of mine since high school! How crazy! Who would've thought?!

And...what are you loving this Wednesday?!

Until Next Time...
Love, Jen