Tuesday, June 7, 2011

On My Mind..

I woke up with a blogworld "friend" on my mind this morning. I mentioned Megan being pregnant in this post, but today, she was on my mind for a different reason. She was on my mind because of her son. Cohen came into this world with an uphill battle to climb. He had a very broken heart & ultimately, he lived here on Earth for a short but strongly fought 12 days. Today marks his 1st birthday. What an unbelievable party he must be having upstairs in Heaven. I just can't imagine what the decorations must look like. How Jesus' voice must sound singing him "Happy Birthday" amongst all of the other angels. Wow. But still, the achy feeling that Megan and her husband must feel. A piece of their heart must be missing. I can't imagine & honestly hope that I never come to know what this must feel like. Please, if you can spare a moment, hop over to her blog & leave her some encouraging words.

Thanks for that.

On another note, when is it OK to want your child on allergy medicine? My poor girl looks like this every morning...

look at those puffy eyes!
her nose is also snotty..again!
sorry about the poor pic quality, it's a moving baby iphone picture. ha!

Until Next Time...
Love, Jen

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