Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kinsley Anne is 8 months old!

Today marks the day when I have been a mommy for 8 months!! I feel like 8 months is so old, but yet, it feels like just yesterday, I was scared to death, in preterm labor, at 34 weeks.

Kinsley Anne, at 8 months old, you are:
  • wearing size 2 diapers
  • wearing 9 month clothing & occasionally 12 month pants.
  • Weighing who knows how much! And I also don't know your length! Why?? Because you have been so healthy that we have not been to the doctor!!!!! I will happily wait until your 9 month well check to find those stats out.
  • Moving from laying to sitting independently & vice versa.
  • Scooting backwards quickly & well.
  • Occasionally moving in a forward direction.
  • Pulling up when we reach our hands out for you to hold onto
  • Loving all of your activity center things. Anything musical or noisy is your favorite though.
  • Enjoying throwing things and watching them hit the floor.
  • Playing with Mommy's sunglasses and phone whenever the opportunity to pull them from me arises.
my little lowcountry girl. wearing croakies already! {sorry for the dark/poor quality}
  • Entertaining yourself for longer periods of time.
  • Still loving the bathtub. You have also been in the pool & the lake several times each. You are not so sure about the cold pool water, but seem to enjoy the warm lake!
  • Not liking to go under the water. Mommy blew on your face and dunked you like she used to do with the mommy & me kids at the YMCA during lessons. You were not a fan.
  • VERY vocal. No words yet, but you are very interactive.
  • Still loving you paci. You have been chewing it on the right side of your mouth all day today. Will that first tooth finally pop through soon?
who cares if the paci's upside down or sideways... it's so good.
  • Eating a bottle every 3 hours and eating solids 3 times/day. You still don't like peas, but will eat anything else.
  • LOVING puffs. We also bought you some veggie sticks today and you like those as well.
  • Taking 2 naps most days. 1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon. However, you still have your cat napping days where you take a 3-4 naps but they are all only 20-40 minutes at most.

To our sweet girl,
It has been more than a pleasure being your mommy & daddy for the past 8 months. I am so excited to watch you develop and grow. Each day is a new adventure. Although parenting is not easy 100% of the time, it is beyond well worth it. You make us smile & laugh daily and I have most definitely learned to appreciate life through simpler eyes. I cannot get enough of your wet kisses & your sweet cuddles. I still recite "Guess How Much I Love You" to you each night & almost like it's your cue, when Little Nutbrown Hare closes his eyes and goes to sleep, so do you. We love you to the moon & back...always, always, always, and forever.

Love, your mama & daddy

I hope yall are having a good weekend!
I am very excited for tomorrow - Kyle's birthday & his first father's day.
Happy early Father's Day to all of you special men out there.

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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