Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kinsley Anne @ 7 months!

All day today, I have been amazed that I have a SEVEN month old daughter. Where did those 7 months go?! I am loving being mommy & our routine has finally fallen into place. I am not a huge routine or schedule person (as all of you who know me are aware), but Kinsley Anne has put herself on one that we're all liking. So..without further ado, here is what you are doing at 7 months, miss K..

  • Wearing size 2 diapers.
  • Wearing 6 & 9 month clothing. You are a long baby, so many of your 6 month pants look like capris or high waters.. The majority of the 9 month clothes are too big on you though, skinny minnie.
  • At your 6 month well visit, you were 14lb 4oz (24th percentile) & 26in long (48th percentile).
  • Sitting very well
  • Love, love, loving the bathtub. You like to sit and splash & grab at your water buddy toys. We fill them with water & squirt them at you and you make the funniest face when the water hits your belly. You also don't mind as much anymore when we lay you down in the water. You kind of squint & make a face at first, but then relax and kick your legs like crazy. You don't mind at all when we wash your hair, even if we were to pour a full bucket of water over your head. You just blink your eyes & let it wash over your face. ha
  • Trying so very hard to crawl. Your arms are so strong so you will push so hard that you move backwards. You haven't figured out the forward scoot or crawl but you get your legs up under you and try. You just haven't figured out the right motion yet. I have a feeling that the day of crawling will soon be upon us.
  • Still making the funniest faces. Please don't hate me forever for posting this picture, but this one, we call your "grandpa forgot his dentures" face:
    Sleeping very well! Once we got your ear infection situation under control last month, you started sleeping through the night again & haven't looked back.
  • Going to bed at 8pm each night like clockwork & sleeping through the night

  • Your typical school day goes something like this:
6:45am - wake up, get dressed, take Advair & Prevacid
7:00am - eat bottle
7:30am - arrive at Daycare & playtime begins!
~9am - sometimes take a cat nap
10am - eat veggie & bottle
play, play, play, & take a nap
12:30pm - take Zantac
1:00pm - eat bottle
play, play, play & take a nap
4pm - eat fruit &bottle
play, play, play, occasionally take a cat nap & mom picks me up from daycare ~5pm
~6-6:30pm - eat some type of mixed baby food & little bottle
play, play, play, laugh at the puppies, smile & play with daddy, love on mommy
~8pm - sit in the glider with mom, eat nighttime bottle with rice cereal in it, read "Guess How Much I Love You" & start to fall asleep.
~815pm - mom lays you down in your crib, Daddy tells me goodnight

  • Loving your baby food, except for peas! yuck, I don't blame you :)
  • Being nosy. Tonight, we went out to eat & you were craning your neck so badly to see the people talking behind you. All while eating some supper. You are one talented little girl. ha!

  • Loving your puppies. When they come in the house, you can't take your eyes off of them. Your daddy got the funniest video of you last night. I was holding you on my hip & whenever the dogs would walk up to us, you just absolutely lost it laughing. If the dogs jumped up to put their paws up on me, you thought that that was even funnier. You had your daddy & I laughing hysterically for about 20 minutes. We went to bed very happy parents.
  • Being such a sweet girl. Your personality is shining through & you are a very energetic & unfocused little girl, but when it's quiet time, you are one heck of a good cuddler.
Kinsley Anne,
Seven months. One part of me wonders how it has only been 7 months since we have met you because it seems like we've known you for our whole lives. But part of me cringes at the thought of 7 months already having gone past because it seems like just the blink of an eye. I wish so badly that there was a way to push "pause" on nights like last night when the 3 of us (plus our 2 puppies) were having such a good time together. It's nights like last night that I just know we have lots of fun & warm memories in our future. I cherish each evening when I get to rock with you & read you "Guess How Much I Love You." I quickly memorized this book & sometimes recite it without even opening the pages since you don't pay the book any attention while you lay in my arms eating. I love that the end of the book tells you that I love you right up to the moon...and back. It couldn't be more true. I add every.single.night that I will love you "always, always, always and forever" and end it with giving you a kiss. I hope that you will remember that sweet girl. Your mommy and daddy will stand behind you in all that you do in life & we couldn't be more proud to say that you are our daughter.

We love you and always will,

Love, mama & daddy

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