Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Mother's Day

Ok, Ok. I've been pestered enough. I'm back. haha. Not that I was every really gone but nonetheless I have got to start posting more regularly again. Let me start with a weekend recap.

So, Friday I had moved my patients up to be seen from 8-10am rather than the typical 10-12. That was so that I could boogie out of the office as soon as I was done, pick up Kinsley, and we (including Kyle) could head to Charleston. We did just that & were on the road by 11 with our destination being The Citadel. Friday was the final parade of the spring semester...the graduation parade...aka The Long Grey Line Parade. During this parade, the juniors who will be company commanders, batallion commanders, etc "take over" that rank from the graduating seniors. Those juniors then get to lead their respective companies out of the parade. The graduating seniors also all line up in their most formal uniform all across the parade deck & march across the field in one long line. It's pretty darn cool to watch. Anyway, the special reason we wanted to go was to watch Kyle's youngest brother take over as his company commander. Delta company is now under his reign...look out Delta! :) We are proud of him. I have pictures but haven't uploaded them. I'll do a picture post soon...promise.

Friday night, we ate supper with Clay & took him back to the barracks to finish (or start) cleaning up for the end of the semester. Then, we went off to meet up with friends. We stayed in their gorgeous home that night. Kinsley did great, by the way, with this being out of her ordinary routine. She slept in the pack n play the same as she would have her crib...it was great. I think we even gave our friends "the fever" since Kinsley was so well behaved. Once we got up and moving Saturday morning, Kyle & I went downtown to shop/browse. We somehow ended up just browsing & not buying. This never happens in Charleston. So, we met Clay for lunch when he was released from school & we shopped some at the outlets. Then, we went home. Saturday night, there was a "spring fling" downtown. It was an interesting event for people watching. The outfits people wear...ohhhh man. It's amazing how much skin people feel is appropriate to show off. Kinsley sat in her stroller with eyes.wide.open. She was amazed as much as I was...but for different reasons. We stopped on the way home for Krispy Kreme donuts. yum.yum.yum.

Sunday morning, I woke up to the most precious babygirl's smile. It was the very best mother's day gift that I could ask for. I climbed back into bed with her & ate an Oreo Krispy Kreme donut. Bed + Kinsley Anne + Kyle + donut = best combination ever! Kyle had bought me some new Loft clothes that he knew I wanted & I wore one of my new dresses to church. We went out to eat at the golf course afterwards & then spent most of the day outside. We went around to go see Kyle's grandmothers & great aunt. We brought them all big vases of flowers to help brighten their day. Then, we ate supper and relaxed at home together. Last year, I was a mom-to-be and was wished a Happy Mother's Day by many. But this year? It was unexplainable to move into the ranks of the many moms in the world. An honor. I looked at Kinsley Anne about 230967 times in awe. We helped make her. God gave her to us. He made me a mom. She makes me a mom everyday. I can't wait to hear her call me mama. I.love.her.

So, my weekend was fabulous. Busy, but wonderful. I wish I could have seen my mom, grandmom, and nanny, but I spoke to each of them & I tried to make sure that they knew just how much I love them.

I hope that each and every one of you enjoyed your weekend & had a great mother's day.

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen


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