Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Recap

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! I know I did but I am sad that I go back to work tomorrow. I just love spending time with my family & watching Kinsley develop each and every moment of every day. I am having a hard time accepting that she'll be 6 months old as of 2:54pm tomorrow!

On Friday, Kyle and I met after work for lunch at a local bakery/cafe. I had one of their specials, the meatloaf sandwich. yummmm. We then ran a few errands & picked up Kinsley a new piece of baby gear. More on that tomorrow. I went and picked up Kins at daycare & we hung out for a little while. Then, Kyle's mom came to pick up our sweet girl & she watched her Friday night & part of Saturday. Kyle and I went on a really nice date at a Japanese restaurant, ran another 2 errands & then relaxed at home. Saturday, we went to the Belk Charity sale where I picked up a few new pieces for my spring work wardrobe! I also got some fabulous new libby edelman wedges.
Saturday evening, my favorite sister duo (that I go out with every Thursday night), Kinsley, and I decided to go take pictures of another one of our thursday night girls on her prom night! This sweet girl looked STUNNING.

I mean she not gorgeous? This group of girls means so much to me. We all go to church together & I would seriously do anything for them. I am so happy to finally have a group of friends that I can count on in my "new" hometown (can I still call it new if I've been here for 2.5 years?).

Sunday, we went to church, lunch, lounged (well..I did anyway..Kyle worked outside), ate supper at home, and played with Kinsley Anne.

Have a great Monday, yall!

Until Next Time..

Love, Jen

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Anonymous said...

This made me cry! I love you and I love our girls nights so much! I also love watching sweet KA grow and change each week and I hope that she grows up knowing how much "Aunt Laina" loves her! After I finish student teaching and have some free time, I am definitely starting a blog! You will have to help me! :-)