Monday, April 11, 2011

weekend recap with a side of must have monday

Good Morning Yall!
This weekend didn't start off as well as I would have hoped. On Thursday, I decided to call & make a pediatrician appt for Friday afternoon regarding Kinsley's cough. She had had it for ~1wk & was accompanied by a nasty nose. Her cough had started out wet but was changing into a very "tight" sounding cough. It was beginning to worry me. Then, Thursday night she had 2 episodes of sounding like she was choking when she coughed. During one of these, she turned red, her eyes watered like she was crying, and then stopped. The 2nd was much more scary & she got very pale, sat there on my lap like the exorcist, opened her mouth & vomit came hosing out onto me & the couch. LOTS of vomit. She went to sleep shortly afterwards. Friday morning, she had another episode where her eyes watered & Kyle said "Jen..what is she doing? that's not normal." I reassured him that she was going to the pediatrician later in the day. The daycare said she had just had another similar episode prior to me picking her up at 1:30pm for the doctor. She fell asleep on the short drive from daycare to the doctor. I got her out of her carseat & into our lightweight stroller & she stayed asleep. I had to run up to my office to drop something off real quickly before our appt (my office & the pediatrician are in the same bldg) & one of my supervising physicians tapped on her feet & she stayed asleep. Poor girl is tired, I kept thinking. Onto the pediatrician's, where I stripped her down so that we could weigh her. She stayed asleep. We weighed her. She opened her eyes, cried a minute, and went back to sleep. We took her temp...normal. She proceeded to sleep for 3 hours. She was pale, coughing a lot, and just plain pitiful.
The doctor put an oxygen monitor on her & it measured 92%. Much lower than her typical 99-100%. They tested her for RSV & started a Xopenex nebulizer. After the neb (she was still asleep), the doctor heard some crackles. We were sent for a Chest XRay which was "unchanged from previous CXRs). She finally woke up during the CXR & screamed & coughed a lot. I guess she cleared some stuff out during that screaming, because her O2 sat came up to 97. She started to perk up some & become more playful. The doctor observed her a little while longer & let us go home on the condition that we would watch her closely & give her Xopenex at least 3x/day. We go back to see her again Wednesday as a recheck.

Saturday, she got to go to Clemson (because mommy didn't want to leave her side) with Kyle & I to her first spring game. Clemson scrimmaged themselves & we had a blast. We met up with my sister, walked downtown in some shops & ate a yummy lunch.

she wasn't so sure about the loud cannon & everyone's cheering...haha

Sunday, we did not go to church as I did not want to put her in the nursery sick. So, we went and bought our flowers for the yard & I did some gardening. I will post pictures soon. It was good for Kinsley Anne to get outside and breathe fresh air, I think.

Now, for Must Have Monday!
In honor of us being outside most of the day, today's product is:
Neutrogena pure & free baby sunblock stick
I called my pediatrician last week (prior to the above all happening) asking what their recommendation was for sunscreen. This was it. They said it had the perfect mixture of ingredients they want to see in a sunblock & it left out the dangerous "stuff." The best thing about a stick formulation is that it doesn't run & get in her eyes. We used this on both Saturday & Sunday and it was easy to apply & sweet girl didn't get any sunburn despite the near-90 degree temps & sunny skies. The only downside is that you really have to scrub to get the white gunk off of their skin (or scalp, in KA's case). I think that's also a pro in reality, because it means that it sticks, no matter what...even with perspiration. But when you want it off, be prepared with wet washcloth & soap!! :)

I hope that yall have a good week. Top 2 Tuesday tomorrow & I will be sure to keep you updated on Kinsley Anne's health situation!

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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