Sunday, April 24, 2011

weekend recap in pictures

K in her new GoPod... see this post for more info

hanging with Daddy while he put together her Easter present.

lovin the new present.

Happy Easter!

and have yall seen this?? man, that girl can sing.

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday: Things You Collect

Tuesday is here again! That means we've all survived Monday. phew!
Our Monday ended with a doctor's appointment & Miss Kinsley Anne has her first ear infection in her right ear. She's been a trooper, just drooly, snotty, coughing, and not eating/sleeping well. Hopefully her Amoxicillin (yes, the bubble gum stuff..yum) & Tylenol will do the trick and get her feeling better fast!

Onto Top 2 Tuesday, hosted, as always, by Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma!

This week's topic is: Top 2 Things You Collect

{1} Spoons, Magnets, Stamped Pennies
I know that these 3 things are very different, but Kyle & I have tried to get a stamped penny or magnet from just about each place we visit outside of "hometown places." And since Kinsley Anne's been born, we decided to buy her sterling silver spoons from places to start her off with a collection. So far, she has 1 from Asheville, NC but if I find one from Wilmington, DE, then I'll get one of them too...because she's been twice!

{2} Pocket Knives
Since being engaged to Kyle, his dad has given me a pink or girly Case pocket knife each Christmas. He has always given the boys a Case pocket knife every Christmas & he has now taken me into this tradition. Kinsley Anne received her 1st pocket knife from Daddy this past Christmas as well.

{3} Ornaments
Every Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember, our next door neighbors would give my sister & I each an ornament for our tree. We always looked forward to seeing what we would open up each year.

..I have lots of others as well. Shoes, dresses, tickets (shows, baseball games, airplane, etc thinking one day I'll scrapbook about them all....wishful thinking), doctor's bills....haha. I probably should stop some of these collections. It may help my finances & my clutter.

What about you. What do you collect? Hop over to Taylor's blog & let us know!

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy 1/2 birthday Kinsley Anne!

Happy 1/2 birthday to my sweet babydoll Kinsley Anne! How has it already been 6 months? Thank you for making me a mommy Kinsley. I wouldn't trade this job for the world.

Over the last month, you have/you are:

-wearing size 2 diaper still.

-wearing 3-6, 6, or 6-9 month clothing, depending on what type of clothes they are & what brand. you can easily use 9 month carter's outfits for the length.

-weighing just over 14 lbs (you were 17% for weight @ your last pediatrician appt)

-measuring 75% for height..not sure how many cm's that is.

-wearing bows & flowers everywhere you go. mommy is proud of you for not trying to get them off. I guess you're just used to them by now.

-sitting unassisted! you started this last week and mommy is SO proud of you.
-standing holding onto something for a few seconds unassisted.

-wishing you could scoot.

-sleeping unswaddled! it took a few nights to get used to it, but I think you are starting to like it!

-putting yourself on your left side to sleep. we still lay you down on your back, but you turn yourself into a comfortable position.

-sleeping in your crib like a big girl. no more pack n play...for now anyway!

-taking ~3 naps/day. you take 1 around 10am, 1 around 1 or 2pm & 1 around 5 or 6pm. I am hoping that you will soon drop 1 of these naps..

-eating stage 1 baby food, but not very well! you love trying, though! we have tried carrots so far, but we will try another new one this week.

-loving the exersaucer at school. you also love your johnny jump up at home. you bounce and swing yourself into oblivion.

-making the funniest facial expressions. everyone always comments on how expressive you are. you makes me laugh.
someone on FB said that you look like your 14 here...annoyed by daddy's silliness & mom's eagerness to take 1000s of pictures with her camera. poor girl, don't you know you're in for a lifetime of this??

-Loving baths/showers.

-Loving lots of action, noise, kids, etc around you.

-Moving up in your classroom. When you started, you were the very last crib on the left side of your classroom, indicating that you were the newest sweet baby in that room. You are now about 1/2 way up the wall, making mama somewhat sad that you are growing so quickly.

-Loving mama to read books to you. You especially love "There was an old lady that swallowed a fly." You were being very antsy in my lap this weekend & when I pulled out this book to read it to you, your eyes got big & you just stared. Maybe it's because that was one of the books I read to her while I was pregnant.

-talking & "yelling" lots. you also squeak, blow raspberries, and open your mouth if anything comes near your head as if saying "i'll eat you up!"

-fascinated by the puppies. They love you & are so very curious about you. Bowen makes a circle of the upstairs before going downstairs to bed & the last place upstairs he always "surveys" is your room. He walks up to your crib, sniffs you out, and then goes downstairs when the coast is clear. We know that he will be your protector & Avery will be your little butt buddy to lounge with, especially when you don't feel well.

Kinsley Anne,
Daddy & I are so enjoying being your parents. We have started to reminisce about when you were just the right size to fit your head in the palm of our hand, when we looked at the newborn diapers & giggled at how small they were, when you first smiled at us, etc. Time is going by so fast. We also can't help but think ahead to the little lady you will become but we do not want to wish away the time we have with you. There is a group of us (family & friends) walking in your honor at the March for Babies the last weekend in April and we couldn't be prouder of the fiesty little fighter you've been. You have definitely been handed your fair share of doctor's appointments & health concerns but you keep surprising us with how well you handle them. We love every inch of your sweet self & cannot say that enough. Keep smiling sweet girl...always are just beautiful when you smile! We love you to the moon & back...always & forever.

Love, your mama & daddy

Must Have Monday item:
So, we have been looking at exersaucers and other similar baby gear items for a month now. We finally broke down and bought something, but it is a little different than what I may have imagined buying. We wanted something that would be easy to take with us on a road trip, to the lake, etc. We came across the "GoPod" and eventually decided to purchase it. We bought it from BuyBuyBaby where it is available in the below color (which we bought..gray & green), orange, or yellow. The little black pieces that you can see in the picture are velcro pieces. Therefore, you can attach the play links, rattles, jingley animals, books that have a loop on them, etc....Whatever your baby likes to play with that week! The best part is that it is SO portable. It is basically like a bag chair when you fold it up. We will definitely be loving this at the lake this summer. It is also way cheaper than a lot of the exersaucers on the market.

There are only 2 downsides to this item that I have come across. First, they cannot spin themselves around to see behind them. They also cannot "jump" like they can in some exersaucers.

But, ultimately, for our lifestyle, this seemed to be the best bet. We used it several times this weekend & so far Kinsley Anne loves it.

Until Next Time...
Love, Jen

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Recap

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! I know I did but I am sad that I go back to work tomorrow. I just love spending time with my family & watching Kinsley develop each and every moment of every day. I am having a hard time accepting that she'll be 6 months old as of 2:54pm tomorrow!

On Friday, Kyle and I met after work for lunch at a local bakery/cafe. I had one of their specials, the meatloaf sandwich. yummmm. We then ran a few errands & picked up Kinsley a new piece of baby gear. More on that tomorrow. I went and picked up Kins at daycare & we hung out for a little while. Then, Kyle's mom came to pick up our sweet girl & she watched her Friday night & part of Saturday. Kyle and I went on a really nice date at a Japanese restaurant, ran another 2 errands & then relaxed at home. Saturday, we went to the Belk Charity sale where I picked up a few new pieces for my spring work wardrobe! I also got some fabulous new libby edelman wedges.
Saturday evening, my favorite sister duo (that I go out with every Thursday night), Kinsley, and I decided to go take pictures of another one of our thursday night girls on her prom night! This sweet girl looked STUNNING.

I mean she not gorgeous? This group of girls means so much to me. We all go to church together & I would seriously do anything for them. I am so happy to finally have a group of friends that I can count on in my "new" hometown (can I still call it new if I've been here for 2.5 years?).

Sunday, we went to church, lunch, lounged (well..I did anyway..Kyle worked outside), ate supper at home, and played with Kinsley Anne.

Have a great Monday, yall!

Until Next Time..

Love, Jen

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday: Favorite Drinks

Welcome to this week's edition of Top 2 Tuesday, hosted weekly by Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma.

This week's topic is: Top 2 Favorite Drinks

{1} Caffeine Free Diet Coke.
Some may ask, so what do you get out of caffeine free & diet soda? I don't know, but I love it. I have migraines & have had them since ~3rd grade. I can't drink more than ~1 caffeinated drink per day, which a lot of days is hot chocolate in the AM. Therefore, I fell in love with this. It's so refreshing & I don't feel guilty at all.

{2} Sonic Apple Juice Slush. YUMMMMMM. I love their ice & when paired with their delectable apple juice, it is out of this world. The best part? Their cheap! Especially when you go during their "happy hour" special!

Hop over to Taylor's blog & join us on our weekly Tuesday fun!! I hope yall's week has been off to a good start.

Kinsley Anne is doing pretty well. The pulmonologist asked me to bring Kinsley Anne into the office yesterday. He tested her for flu & pertussis (I don't know those results yet) & also prescribed an antibiotic & oral steroid for her. We started the antibiotic last night & steroid this morning. I hope hope hope this gets her over the crud!!

Last night, Kinsley was a trip. She was in such a good mood. Smiling, laughing, squealing, "yelling" (which she learned to do this weekend), and she even got to try her 1st stage 1 baby food...carrots! She had a ball!!!!!!!!

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

Monday, April 11, 2011

weekend recap with a side of must have monday

Good Morning Yall!
This weekend didn't start off as well as I would have hoped. On Thursday, I decided to call & make a pediatrician appt for Friday afternoon regarding Kinsley's cough. She had had it for ~1wk & was accompanied by a nasty nose. Her cough had started out wet but was changing into a very "tight" sounding cough. It was beginning to worry me. Then, Thursday night she had 2 episodes of sounding like she was choking when she coughed. During one of these, she turned red, her eyes watered like she was crying, and then stopped. The 2nd was much more scary & she got very pale, sat there on my lap like the exorcist, opened her mouth & vomit came hosing out onto me & the couch. LOTS of vomit. She went to sleep shortly afterwards. Friday morning, she had another episode where her eyes watered & Kyle said "Jen..what is she doing? that's not normal." I reassured him that she was going to the pediatrician later in the day. The daycare said she had just had another similar episode prior to me picking her up at 1:30pm for the doctor. She fell asleep on the short drive from daycare to the doctor. I got her out of her carseat & into our lightweight stroller & she stayed asleep. I had to run up to my office to drop something off real quickly before our appt (my office & the pediatrician are in the same bldg) & one of my supervising physicians tapped on her feet & she stayed asleep. Poor girl is tired, I kept thinking. Onto the pediatrician's, where I stripped her down so that we could weigh her. She stayed asleep. We weighed her. She opened her eyes, cried a minute, and went back to sleep. We took her temp...normal. She proceeded to sleep for 3 hours. She was pale, coughing a lot, and just plain pitiful.
The doctor put an oxygen monitor on her & it measured 92%. Much lower than her typical 99-100%. They tested her for RSV & started a Xopenex nebulizer. After the neb (she was still asleep), the doctor heard some crackles. We were sent for a Chest XRay which was "unchanged from previous CXRs). She finally woke up during the CXR & screamed & coughed a lot. I guess she cleared some stuff out during that screaming, because her O2 sat came up to 97. She started to perk up some & become more playful. The doctor observed her a little while longer & let us go home on the condition that we would watch her closely & give her Xopenex at least 3x/day. We go back to see her again Wednesday as a recheck.

Saturday, she got to go to Clemson (because mommy didn't want to leave her side) with Kyle & I to her first spring game. Clemson scrimmaged themselves & we had a blast. We met up with my sister, walked downtown in some shops & ate a yummy lunch.

she wasn't so sure about the loud cannon & everyone's cheering...haha

Sunday, we did not go to church as I did not want to put her in the nursery sick. So, we went and bought our flowers for the yard & I did some gardening. I will post pictures soon. It was good for Kinsley Anne to get outside and breathe fresh air, I think.

Now, for Must Have Monday!
In honor of us being outside most of the day, today's product is:
Neutrogena pure & free baby sunblock stick
I called my pediatrician last week (prior to the above all happening) asking what their recommendation was for sunscreen. This was it. They said it had the perfect mixture of ingredients they want to see in a sunblock & it left out the dangerous "stuff." The best thing about a stick formulation is that it doesn't run & get in her eyes. We used this on both Saturday & Sunday and it was easy to apply & sweet girl didn't get any sunburn despite the near-90 degree temps & sunny skies. The only downside is that you really have to scrub to get the white gunk off of their skin (or scalp, in KA's case). I think that's also a pro in reality, because it means that it sticks, no matter what...even with perspiration. But when you want it off, be prepared with wet washcloth & soap!! :)

I hope that yall have a good week. Top 2 Tuesday tomorrow & I will be sure to keep you updated on Kinsley Anne's health situation!

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday: Songs on Your Ipod

I am excited about this week's Top 2 Tuesday! Hop over to Taylor's blog & join in with us! Every week, it's a new topic to write about and you get to "meet" lots of new blog friends!!

This week's topic is: Top 2 Songs on Your Ipod

Ok..before I jump to answer this, I must first tell a story. Anybody remember TRL? As in, Total Request Live on MTV?! Ok. Well, my high school was invited my senior year during "School Spirit Week" on TRL. Anyone who was a captain of 3 varsity sports or a president of a school club was invited to attend. I got to go because of the sports (field hockey, swimming, & lacrosse) & it was a good time. We were given the 1st edition of ipods. We thought we were hot stuff considering they were $500 when they first came out. I still have mine but the battery life is like 0.365 seconds. Not really, but it's bad. I also have a pink ipod mini that I mostly use in my car with the adapter. And now, I have an iphone that I have music on. Sadly, the first song that I played on it was "Return to Pooh's Corner." I guess that goes to show you what stage of life I'm in.

Anyway, now for my top 2:

{1) Francesca Battistelli - This is the Stuff

{2} Darius Rucker - This

And I'm going to cheat with a 3rd.

{3} Sara Evans - A Little Bit Stronger

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

Monday, April 4, 2011

Must Have Monday

Happy Monday!
It was really hard to get up this morning. Partially because it's Monday {who doesn't have trouble after a nice weekend?} & partially because we left Kinsley Anne unswaddled last night for the first time. She did better than I expected but she spun herself around all over that bed. She actually managed to change the sound settings {i'm assuming by kicking it} on her sound machine as well. There were birds chirping when I got up with her at 5am. She woke up at 3 & 5 but really just wanted to be patted and have her paci replaced in her mouth. Hopefully, she's working on doing her paci herself.

I picked up Kinsley Anne's 1st school picture & I must say...adorable! Here it is:

Anyway, the must have monday item of the week is the: Diaper Genie II Elite

We have one of these upstairs in the nursery & one downstairs next to her pack & play. These are easy to assemble, easy to remove the full bags from, and easy to replace bags in. The most important part of all is that it truly does mask the smell of the diaper. It's pretty amazing {and equally gross} to see just how many diapers fit in it before the bag is full.

The only real downside to the Diaper Genie is that it takes specifically diaper genie pail refills. I think there may be a no-name brand for this, but I honestly haven't tried them out. You can use your 20% off coupons at Babies R Us for them or your "$5 off a $15 purchase" coupons for Buy Buy Baby to save money.

This makes a great baby shower gift or a present to yourself for your own home!

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen