Thursday, March 10, 2011

weekend recap, part 2

So, after we left the hospital from surprising Nanny, we headed onto the independent living facility where my Aunt Fanny lives. She is very head strong & wants to stay "independent" for as long as possible & the family is working hard to respect that wish as long as we feel that she is capable. So, Aunt Fanny was unaware that my sister, Kinsley Anne, and I had flown up, and she was SHOCKED. She almost cried & it was one of the most beautiful things. She was beyond excited to see Katy & I, but words couldn't express how incredibly overwhelm she was that she was meeting Kinsley Anne!!! She just wanted to stare at her. She smiled & laughed at Kinsley's antics. She watched intently as Kinsley Anne "talked." It was really heartwarming.

For much of the day, we lounged around Aunt Fanny's apartment, just enjoying each other's company. My mom played Scrabble with her & made her some lunch. We brought her some groceries and talked some more. Eventually we said our goodbyes, gave hugs, and went on to my parent's house. It was very difficult giving Aunt Fanny that hug & kiss knowing that it may be our last together.

On Sunday, we really just enjoyed our time together as a family (mom, dad, sister, baby, me) and Dad even cooked us our "traditional Sunday breakfast." Bagels, eggs, etc. Dad gave Kinsley Anne a shoulder ride & poor Kinsley's upset tummy got the best of her....and him. But it made for a classic picture.

Off to the airport we went around 1pm & again, we had very nice TSA people to help us through security. Kinsley Anne became hungry a little early (probably because she lost so much on my dad!) around 2pm, ate a bottle & fell asleep. Our flight was delayed just slightly, and I kept thinking great, she is going to wake up just as we take off. But my babygirl did better than that! I had to wake her up to get off the plane in SC!!! She woke up one happy camper & I snapped these pictures before heading home.

What a whirlwind trip, but we had a great time seeing family! We will actually be making the trip back north again at the end of the month & it is nice to know that I will be confidently navigating the airport..this time, not as a first-timer! Hopefully things will go just as smoothly that time.

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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