Wednesday, March 9, 2011

weekend recap, part 1

warning: this is kind of a longer post. but there are several good pictures, so read on!

I got a phone call on Thursday afternoon asking what I was doing this weekend. I said I had no plans. The person calling was my mom & the reason she was asking was because my great aunt (my mom's aunt) was placed on hospice about 1 week ago. She has COPD & has been battling pneumonia. She has been on nebulizers for quite some time & was also asked to be on oxygen but was refusing it for a while. Her latest tune-up hospital stay turned into a several week affair & she had had enough. So, it was decided for her to come on home (to her independent living apartment) & stay on oxygen, stay on a few meds, but to avoid any further invasive procedures/testing. My mom wanted to know if my sister & I would like to fly up to see my Aunt Fanny, just in case. Of course, I said that Kinsley Anne & I would be happy to! So, we booked our tickets that night & we flew up early Saturday morning & flew back Sunday afternoon.

It was a very fast trip, but flying with a 4.5 month old went SO much better than I could have even imagined. It helps that my sweet girl is an incredibly easygoing baby.

The first step in making sure that my trip went smoothly was to go buy a lightweight stroller on Friday after work. I will use this as a must-have item in the future, so I will just say, that I think I picked a great one & it worked out fabulously for us. Next, I went home to pack. To make life easy, I packed a caddy of wipes & diapers in my carry-on backpack. The other necessities that went into my backpack were 3 receiving blankets (to use as burp cloths for my projectile vomiting-prone child), a change of clothes for Kinsley Anne, and a small cooler with an ice pack & 2 bottles. My suitcase was used to pack for both KA & myself. I included 1 change of clothes for me, pajamas, my pump, extra empty bottles (to be filled after I pumped on arrival), the sound machine, KA's favorite plush elephant, pajamas for KA, swaddle for KA, extra clothes for KA, my phone charger, and our toiletries. Light packing was definitely the way to go! I planned my outfits so that I did not have to bring extra shoes, etc. I did decide to just check my suitcase (despite it's small size) to make my life easier.

We had a 630am flight Saturday. We left the house at 5am & got to the airport around 520am. We checked in, checked our bag, and went onto security. The TSA people were SO friendly. I explained that 1 plastic bag was for our medicines, 1 for the standard liquids, and the little black cooler was for breastmilk & an ice pack. They informed me that they would have to test the milk & I said that would be fine. So, we made it to the other side of security where they asked me to unscrew the bottle lids & he waved a little strip of paper (looked sort of like pH paper) over the top of the bottle. I assume it would turn colors or something if it was dangerous..but it obviously didn't. They helped me get the stroller back out & onto our gate we went. Kinsley Anne was so happy, smiling at everyone. Then, about 6am, she crashed after eating. I somehow managed to fold the stroller up, carry her, my backpack, and the stroller down onto the tarmac where the man in charge of gate checked luggage was standing. He offered to put my stroller into the gate check bag that I had bought, & off to the plane we went. We settled into our aisle seat & I ended up having the ENTIRE ROW (both sides of the aisle) to myself. How awesome. Kinsley Anne slept until we started our final descent.

I quickly shoved a pacifier into her mouth to get her to suck on it in case her ears were hurting. She wanted nothing to do with it (that's a first!). Instead, she "stood up" and looked at the passengers around her. She even got a few glimpses out of the airplane window & smiled and squealed.

Upon arrival, we quickly got our gate checked stroller, made our way through security, & were greeted by my mom & Aunt Fran with open arms! It was the first time that Aunt Fran had met Kinsley Anne & my sweet girl had changed so much since my mom last saw her. I darted to the potty with Kinsley & we both felt much better after being clean & dry! :) Our luggage was claimed & into the car we went with my Dad & sister. We headed up to Panera to grab a bite to eat, then headed to the hospital to surprise my Nanny. She volunteers there several days per week & we wanted her to get to see Kinsley Anne as soon as possible!! We got the loudest "oh my word" ever & lots of hugs and kisses.

and yes, KA does have pants. She kept wiggling out of them & kicking them off though. So we decided to let her play footloose & fancy free for a little while!!!

We also posed for some pictures with the painting of Pop Pop. His portrait is on the wall in the hospital because he was chief of residents & also helped start up the family medicine program there. I was very happy that Kinsley Anne got to "see" him!!

The rest of the weekend recap will be in tomorrow's post!

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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Queen Diva said...

Thanks for the recap of your weekend. I feel as though I know your Aunt Fannie. I have enjoyed may Aunt Fannie stories from your Aunt Francie. I hope all is well and your KA is just adorable. Can't wait to hear the second part of the weekend.

A very good friend of your Aunt Fran