Monday, March 28, 2011

Must Have Monday With a Side of Weekend Recap

Hey Yall,
I will try to start this week better since I have been absent from blogosphere for a little while. Since I have been a jet-setting mama as of late, I will use this monday to say, you MUST HAVE a gate check stroller bag if you are going to fly.
I purchased one of these from here, along with our lightweight stroller, to make traveling easier. This thing makes it super-dee-dooper easy for the tarmac folks to know that your stroller is a gate check item & not a regular checked piece of luggage. Yes, I know, the little yellow doo-dad tag is supposed to tell them that, but let's face it. Things happen. But this bold red bag says it quite clearly for all to see. I haven't had any issues with using it & the best thing about it is that this $15 bag takes the abuse rather than your $100+ stroller.

Now, why would I know about flying like a champ? Because we did it again this past weekend!! Kinsley Anne has flown in the last 2 weeks than some people in their whole life. We are old pros now. And she is an angel, if I do say so myself.

We left on Friday (with my future sis-in-law..more on that later) & flew up to the Philly airport. My dad picked us up & we went straight to surprise my mom. She knew we were coming up, just didn't know we would surprise her at the school play. She helped with stage crew for her middle school's musical & her face was priceless when she saw Kinsley Anne & me. She, of course, went into proud-grandmom-mode & showed her off to all of the teachers, students, etc. We went home afterwards, ate pizza, and crashed. Saturday, we cleaned the house up some, I ran to Target quickly, mom had another showing of the play at 2pm, and we had an Open House at 4 to "show off" Kinsley Anne to my family. This was the first time that many of my friends/family had seen her & it was great for them all to see her in person & kiss those sweet cheeks. Kinsley Anne was so happy the whole time & only took 1 little power nap while people were there. She absolutely crashed that night. I am hoping that someone posts pictures as I didn't pack my camera for the trip {stupid} and I didn't capture these special moments.

On Sunday, we had Ashley's wedding shower (my future sis in law). The short version of the story regarding Ashley is that she was one of my bridesmaids. We went to high school together & were best friends. Kyle's brother, Ryan was one of the groomsmen. Ryan meet Ashley. Ryan like Ashley. Ryan propose to Ashley. Ashley becomes sister! Voila! So, anyway, Ashley had her 1st wedding shower & it went very well. It was a "surprise," but of course, we flew up together, so it wasn't too big of a surprise. She got loaded down with tons of gifts & she has a busy spring break week planned up north with lots of wedding appointments! I can't wait to see her dress!!! My mom & Kinsley Anne also went to the shower and Kinsley Anne was pretty grumpy. She took 2 short naps & fussed most of the other time. We took her home & I think she had a little bit of a bug or maybe she was just tired of being overstimulated. She slept on and off the rest of the day, spit up LOTS, and had a few nasty diapers.

It was so nice to spend 2 FULL days with my parents. I love love love seeing my parents in their grandparent role.

This morning, we found ourselves back at the airport & once again, Kinsley Anne was a perfect angel on the plane. A gentleman came up to me while we were waiting on our gate checked stroller & said, "does she ever make any noise?" I reassured him that yes, she does, but she must just know that she is supposed to be quiet on planes! He laughed & we went on our way.

I must also applaud the TSA and airport staff at both the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport AND the Philly airport (which I know, may be a surprise for was for me!). They were both SO helpful in unfolding the stroller for me or calling the elevator or whatever. It was such a pleasant experience.

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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