Monday, March 14, 2011

Must Have Monday: Pack N Play

Today is Monday. That means Must Have Monday. But you know what it means even more?? THE BACHELOR FINALE!!! I am watching it as I type. I think both girls are great but I am rooting for Emily.

So, today's must have item is:
Chicco Lullaby LX Playard - Discovery

We purchased ours here.

The pros of this pack 'n' play are:
  • gender neutral
  • easy to wipe clean
  • standard/generic pack n play sheets fit
  • has a removable activity mat attachment & diaper changing station
  • has a mesh diaper caddy attached to the side for easy access
  • has a vibration feature that vibrates the mattress & soothes miss Kinsley to sleep.
  • has a remote control so that you can restart the vibration, turn on/off the night light, turn music on/off, etc from the comfort of your bed if you are sleeping in the same room as baby. The remote control clips nicely to the bed in a little pocket on the exterior of the pack n play.
  • has a really nice carrying case with wheels for easy transport. We have taken ours to Atlanta twice & it was great to have.
  • has 2 levels that the baby can sleep on. Of course you have the lower, standard level. But, there is also a higher level for infants that can't sit up & fall out yet. That's nice on the back!!

The cons of it are:
  • a little difficult to assemble & take down. My husband had to really study the instruction booklet the first go-round.
  • the vibration only stays on for ~7 minutes.
  • the baby cry feature (where it turns on music and vibration to the sound of your baby's cry) is not very sensitive. Kinsley Anne has to make a very specific pitched noise for it to we usually leave that feature turned off.

We love our pack n play. It is probably not necessary to buy a pack n play that is brand new if you are strapped for cash. Of course, you can clean the sheets & wipe everything down with Clorox wipes. But, if you have the choice, this is a great new item!

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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