Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kinsley Anne @ 5 months & a medical update...

Kinsley Anne,
Your mom has been slacking on keeping up with your milestones. I'm sorry about that! You went to a couple of doctor's appointments last Thursday and I think we are now on the right track with some of the "issues" we've been having lately.

At the pediatrician last week, you weighed: 13lbs, 7oz. You are a peanut. I think that's ~20th percentile. I am not sure how long you are, but we have another doctor's appt this week (more on why later in the post), so maybe we'll find out. I think you're ~25 inches, which would make you ~70th percentile. A tall, skinny little girl! :)

You are SO funny right now. At 5 months, you are (or you have):
  • Wearing 3-6 month onesies & if you weren't so long, you'd still fit in 0-3 month as well. You wear 6 month Carter's outfits, 6 months pants, & some 6 months shirts.
  • Wearing a size 2 pamper's diaper
  • Loving your bumbo
  • Loving your play mat/exercise mat
  • Sleeping so-so. You
  • Hating your face being wiped (more on that later)
  • Mustering up a lot of sympathy anytime you're about to cry. You stick that lower lip out so far that a bird could perch on it & get realllllly red before you let out a major cry.
  • Seriously working on using your hands. You like to play with teether rings. You also grab your paci grip a lot & yank the paci out of your mouth. But then you go cross-eyed looking at the paci figuring out how to get it back in your mouth.
  • Eating formula. Mama had to start on a new medicine because of mild tummy issues & it gave you diarrhea. We tried to just 1/2 & 1/2 breastmilk with formula, but you still had a bunch of trouble. You are doing very well with Similac Sensitive for Fussiness & Gas (the orange label). It wasn't in my plans, but then again, if you want to hear God laugh, just tell him your plans.
  • Eating 6 bottles per day. I would really like for you to eat fewer bottles of larger quantity, but with your reflux, that just doesn't seem feasible right now.
  • Eating rice cereal on a spoon. It's not going great right now but I'm convinced you do swallow some of it.
  • Sleeping swaddled. Daddy & I tried you with an arm out 1 night & you cried and cried and cried some more. I tried to tell myself that you'd eventually stop, but it didn't stop in 15 minutes. And that's all I could take. So, you're swaddled. And I found some swaddles that fit up to 18lbs. So, we're good to go. I'm assuming you'll "let me know"
  • Learned to blow raspberries last week & for a good 4 days, instead of "talking," you just blew your lips together. It was pretty entertaining.
  • "Talking" a lot...especially at night before you fall asleep. You tell us all about your day & make the most precious faces while you're making the noises.
  • Sleeping pretty well. You had a pretty rough patch for a couple of weeks where you wanted to wake up a lot, but I think we're back on track now. You usually go to sleep around 10pm & wake up around 6 or so. I think you'll stretch that out for longer periods pretty soon.
  • Not a great napper. You are too interested in the happenings around you to nap for more than ~30 minutes at a time. We call you a power napper. Typically once per day you take a better nap for at least 1 hour. And if mommy or daddy is cuddling you in our arms, you would nap for as long as we would let you.
  • Starting to like peek-a-boo. You squeal when I pop out behind walls.
  • Liking the exersaucer at school & the Johnny Jump-Up at home. We are working on finding you a good exersaucer for at home, but those things are expensive!
  • Enjoying mommy's bedtime prayers with you. You talk through them, but I just think you're praying too, in your own sweet way.

We love you so much sweet girl. Mommy went through a really rough patch for a couple of weeks where I didn't want to put you down at night because I had read several stories about babies going to heaven. I cried on more than one occasion, but after praying for you & your safety, I am doing better now. I know that God is protecting you but I just don't like that I can't protect you from the world anymore like when I was pregnant with you. I want you to know that no matter what, mommy & daddy love you so very much and always want the best for you. One day, when you think that we're overprotective & maybe a little nuts, hopefully you'll understand that it's because of pure love. To the moon & back Kinsley Anne, that's how much we love you.

Love, Mama & Daddy

And now, for an update on her doctor's appointments....So, at her 4 month visit, I talked extensively with her new pediatrician about the trouble we've had. Between reflux, constant congestion, hoarseness, etc, it has been a little bit frustrating & I don't feel like I'm doing enough to make her feel better. Our pediatrician actually stood & watched Kinsley Anne eat a bottle & suck on a pacifier & she said that she would feel better if we went to see an occupational therapist. So, we did that..last Thursday. Erin, our OT, was great. She watched Kinsley Anne use her paci, and right away she said, "she's not sucking on that thing!" I asked what she meant, sort of confused. She said that she first wanted to see her eat, so we did. She asked me to attempt pulling the bottle out of her mouth while she was eating. I tried & succeeded without any resistance. Erin went on to tell me that Kinsley Anne was pushing the nipple of the bottle up between her tongue & the roof of her mouth in order to squeeze milk out. She was not sucking. This is why Kinsley Anne gets so tired during feedings & it can take her up to 40 minutes to want to eat a whole bottle. We tried out some new bottles/nipples & have settled on Doctor Brown's level 2. She also noticed that Kinsley Anne didn't like her face being touched. I explained that I just thought that that was a normal thing for kids not to like their mouth touched, nose wiped, etc. Erin thought that she was a little excessive with her dislike for this & said that she had some sensory defensiveness, with definite oral defensiveness. She gave us some exercises to do with Kinsley to decrease this. The exercises are things like rubbing our fingertip along the roof of her mouth, pushing our finger onto the bottom of her mouth, rubbing her arms/legs/back with an OR nail scrub brush to get her used to textures, and we have a joint exercise to do with her as well. We go back to see Miss Erin next week again & I am anxious to ask some questions. We have already noticed significant improvement with the feedings, but she still "chews" her pacifier quite a bit & she still hates her face being messed with.

We also were referred to the ENT, who we see tomorrow. The pediatrician wants to check to see if her nasal passages are smaller than normal since she is always congested. The congestion may just be a result of nasopharyngeal reflux, but we need to be sure. Kinsley Anne currently takes Prevacid for the gastroesophageal reflux (GER), and we have seen improvement with this. However, she is still congested. I'll let you know what happens with that appointment. If anyone reading has a child with oral defensiveness, what age did it start? What did you do that helped most?

Thanks for your support! More pictures from my real camera to come soon.

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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