Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday: Things You've Learned About Blogging

Taylor, the host of Top 2 Tuesday, is in the midst of a "Top 2 Things You've Learned About.." series & I have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's posts about last weeks topic. However, I am even more excited to read this week's posts!!!
Today's topic is: Top 2 Things You've Learned About Blogging

{1} Stay true to yourself. Rather than trying to impress thousands of readers, write from your heart. If you think something might be helpful to others, share it. But don't center your posts around things you think others might enjoy. From reading many blogs myself, I think you can tell when someone is being genuine in their writing. You can get a true sense of who somebody is just by reading about their life & ultimately, my blog is for me...to journal & track things going on in our life. Things that are interesting to us at that very point in life. It's also for me to meet friends & keep entertained, but ultimately it should always be what I want to write about. I sometimes fall off of the bandwagon with this, but it's something I try to do.

{2} Don't get discouraged by the number of "followers" you have. If you are enjoying your blogging adventure, keep at it. Oh, and by the way, you probably have way more phantom regular readers than actual signed-up followers. I can't tell you how many times I have heard, "oh I read your blog today & I was thinking of you" or "I read your blog today and it made me laugh so hard" by people who are not signed up as a follower. So, keep your chin up & just write. Your post might be the sunshine in someone's day & you may never know about it. But always let blogging be the sunshine in your own day.

My runner-up is that some uber talented people out there in the blogging world are kind enough to design free blog templates. No, not just backgrounds, but templates. They include the background, sidebar titles, headers, etc. They take the expensive aspect AND the frustrating aspects out of designing your blog! I may have to redesign my blog again...soon.

Until Next Time..Love, Jen


Kendall said...

New follower here!

Love your 1st point! I love "real" blogs where the author is not trying to convinve everyone that they lead the perfect life!

You're lil one is too cute btw!

Emily said...

Good Tips and I love your blog setup, similar to mine :) Great minds, right? Hope you have a great day!

AndreaLeigh said...

totally agree with #2. blogging isn't about stats or followers, it's about relationships! thanks for sharing your thoughts.