Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stuffy, Crusty, Wheezy, Oh My..

When you are greeted by the daycare teacher in the morning with, "Is her pulmonology appointment today? Because we don't like that noise that she's making..." you know that they are thinking that she shouldn't be in school...Kinsley is stuffy, wheezy, and coughing....coughing so hard & often that she projectile vomits frequently. Yesterday on the way in to daycare, she soaked her outfit. If I had wrung it out, I certainly would have made a puddle on the floor. Her wheezy cry is possibly the most pitiful noise in this world & there's nothing I can do for her. She has been congested for 5 weeks & I have been told twice (make that 3 times if you include the time we went to the pedi for thrush) that it is "just a cold" or "just a virus." Viruses don't typically last 5 weeks though!!! Grrr. We have tried saline & bulb syringe, Tylenol, decongestant drops (with the OK of the doc), cool mist humidifiers, steamy showers, propped bed, etc. There is really nothing more that we can do without a prescription. After I was told on Tuesday that she still "just had a virus," I called our pulmonologist & asked if there was anything we could do for her. He wanted to see her, so we go today. I hope & pray that there is something to at least treat her symptoms. A course of antibiotics, breathing treatments, something. Otherwise, I may end up in tears watching her be miserable, just like I did on Monday night. I would love to keep my babygirl at home with me, but if they are not going to treat her with anything, then I can't just sit at home & wait for this to get better on its own. After all, she hasn't had a fever in 1.5 weeks.

{this pic was taken at Aunt Katy's house}

Anyone else out there a healthcare provider of some sort and a mommy? PA, NP, MD, RN? It does not matter at all that we do this day in & day out...when it is your child, you can't stand to see them suffer one moment longer than they have to. Please Help me pray that they will do something for her!! & that she will get over this fast. If nothing more than for my peace of mind that I am doing all that I can for her.

Thank you!
Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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