Thursday, February 24, 2011


I was going to post a weekend recap, but yet again, I have found myself doing something else. I have recently (or in some cases, not recently) come across many blogs/caringbridges of people that are hurting, grieving, etc. Please take time, with a box of tissues by your side, to remember these families & say a few words of prayer on their behalf. I am certain that they will feel the warmth of your thoughts and prayers.

Kellie & James just experienced the sudden death of their precious 4 month old daughter while she was in care of a babysitter on Feb 17th.

5 year old Kate McRae has a brain tumor & was doing well without signs of cancer after her 1st battle with treatments. Recently, however, on a followup MRI, new signs of cancer have appeared & the family is struggling with where to proceed as they fight for their young child's life.

A Freshman at University of South Carolina, Mac Dunbar, was hit by a drunk driver, suffering extensive injuries. He is a close family friend of my coworker & although he has made improvements, he is still in ICU & has a long/hard recovery ahead of him.

It is days like today when I have cried on more than one occasion while listening/reading someone else's trials, that I realize how abundantly blessed my life is. The St. Jude's Radio-Thon is on the local country station & I cried on the way to work & on the way to lunch listening to these parent's heartbreaking stories. I called Kyle & asked if we could go eat lunch together. Those 30 extra minutes of hubby time were so necessary today & I can't wait to go pick up my sweet girl and hug and kiss on her when I'm done work. Why? None other than because God has blessed me with the ability to do so. Each day is a gift, we need to more often remember that & treat it as such.

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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