Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Apologies & Mini-Getaway continued..

My apologies for no Top 2 Tuesday post this week. Yesterday, I had to go to UNC-Chapel Hill for a followup visit with my GI doc. I got a great report, my UC is still in remission. I asked about "surveillance colonoscopies" and the news I got was that according to research, if you are flare-free, you can go 8 years from the time of diagnosis before having your next colonoscopy. This means fall 2016 is going to be my next colonoscopy, because I will remain symptom-free!!! Lucky for me, I had a travel buddy for my 7+ hrs on the road...Kinsley Anne! She did great on the trip up, as I had fed her immediately before getting in the car, so she slept most of the way. She woke up just in time for us to pull into the parking garage so I fed her when we got there. She was a happy, smiling, talkative little girl during my appointment & also took a nap while there. I fed her about 20 minutes before getting in the car to go home, but she decided that she was way beyond "over" being in the car & cried about 1/3 or more of the ride home. I even stopped at one point to feed her, but that only satisfied her temporarily. Don't worry sweet girl, mama was done being in the car too!

Anyway, back to our trip to I left off saying that we were greeted by the most wonderful looking room ever! We made a quick shopping trip in the Biltmore Village before checking into the hotel & Monkee's was having a great sale! So many great items were calling my name....especially these. But I resisted in an effort to be nice to our bank account. Kyle did buy me some taupe booties as a Valentine's gift, though. I have such a sweet man in my life!

After checking in, we just relaxed in our room for a little while. I played on the interactive TV (I've never used one before and I'm certain that they're probably several thousand dollars, but would love to have one one day!!) & soaked in the tub. Then, we got ready to go out and drove downtown in search of a place to eat. We ended up walking all over, including through an art gallery set up in an old Woolworth store, listening to some street bands, and then deciding on what to eat. We eventually settled on sushi/Japanese and ate at Wasabi.

After supper, we walked back toward our car, but first before heading to the hotel, stopped in the Dog Bakery for some gourmet puppy cookies & Kilwin's for fudge & a caramel apple! With a happy belly, we went back to the hotel & I decided that we should go enjoy a drink downstairs. Kyle got a beer & I got a sour apple martini. That was the 1st drink that I had enjoyed in 1 full year. It tasted pretty darn good. We then went back to our room & enjoyed crawling into bed early to make the most of our baby-free sleep!!

On Sunday, we slept in, packed up, and headed over to Biltmore.

I was a little grumpy because I had a headache (probably as a result of my 1 year of alcohol freedom) so we made it a priority to eat lunch. We ate in the stable cafe where the booths were inside of old stables. The food was delicious!!

We walked around, took pictures, and then went inside to take our self-guided tour.

About an hour later & we were headed back to our car. We headed home & got to see this precious and sweet smiling face when we arrived back at Nonie & Poppy's house.

I must say that even a weekend trip is well worth it to rejuvenate your soul. Kyle & I are back on the same page, smiling more, and loving each other completely. We might just have to maket these mini-trips a habit!! :)

Until Next Time..

Love, Jen

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